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Results of the Part-Time Officer Elections are available to read here.

Part-Time Officer Elections 2015

This election is to choose the 8 Committee Chairs and 7 Liberation Officers who make up the Part-Time Officers who help to run the SU. The election is also to make up our events committee and sports committee. DO NOT CAST YOUR VOTE IF A CANDIDATE IS WITHIN 3 METERS OF YOU OR YOU FEEL UNDULY PRESSURED BY A CANDIDATE TO VOTE FOR THEM

11 posts are up for election.

The polls have closed.

Post List
Read more about the positions up for election and what each role entails.
Candidate List
See who ran for each post and read their manifestos.

Please note: The SU will support students with any special needs that they may have in standing and voting in elections.

Students' Union Elections 2015
Some questions at the Hustings event were unanswered. Here candidates can read and respond to any questions they did not get to answer. Please note that the elections committee have vetted the questions before they are placed up. If you have a
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Last post: 10:45 on 23 Sep 2015

Why should I vote?

Here are the TOP 5 reasons to cast your vote in this year’s SU Elections?


    The SU Officers that are chosen by you will act and speak on your behalf for the whole year. This means that it’s important you choose a candidate who wants to change and improve things that will affect you as each candidate will have different ideas about what they want to change.


    SU Officers are influential in ensuring that you and your opinions are represented to the University. This helps to ensure that the changes that you want to see are made. They also work hard to campaign for things that will improve the lives of students, and demonstrate passion and enthusiasm throughout. Voting can help your candidates pursue their goals to achieve all of this.


    Even if your preferred candidate does not win, having your say in how you want things to be run is very important. It is a small, but significant way to lead changes within the University.


    The more students who vote in SU elections, the more certain we can be that the officers have been elected in a democratic way. This means that we know that as many students as possible are happy with their new officers, and it will mean that the Officers will have more support behind them when they represent you.


    Every candidate works very hard to secure the votes of as many people as possible. Usually the result is very close, so every single vote counts.

AV Voting

Alternative Voting (AV) is a type of voting which is fairer and more democratic than ‘First Past the Post’ voting. It means that the successful candidate has support from the majority of voters, as more people will have voted for them (whether it be as their first, second or even third preference).

Here is a video to help you understand how AV voting works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y3jE3B8HsE

How to take part

Stand. Vote. Lead

All you need to run in the Students’ Union Elections is the desire to be the change, and make a stand for what you believe in! 

Prior to the start of the elections period, candidates are allowed (and advised) to speak to members of SU staff about their roles etc. Each member of SU staff can speak to each candidate for up to 20 minutes, but are unable to offer you advice that is not general or support you to write your manifesto. 



  1. Login to the Students' Union wesbite, using your student number and password
  2. Choose the election you wish to stand in, from the list below
  3. Click the 'Submit Nomination' button. This button will appear once nominations open.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  5. Ensure you have submitted: A poster, a manifesto, a photo of your face
  6. Ensure you have read the Campaigning Guidelines
  7. Ensure you have read the Guide for Candidates
  8. Ensure you have attended a Candidates Briefing session

Make sure you have done everything on the candidate's checklist!

  1. Login to the Students' Union website using your student number and password
  2. Choose the election you wish to vote in, from the list below
  3. Click on 'Vote now'. This button will appear once voting is open.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen
  5. Ensure you have read all the candidates manifestos carefully, and choose wisely.

which roles are available?

You can stand for one of the following roles:

Community Officer

The Community Officer is responsible for ensuring that the Union supports and promotes the welfare of all students as well as providing opportunities for students to engage in the community. They will look to co-ordinate and deliver campaigns as well as supporting students with concerns such as academic appeals and complaints and fitness to practice panels. They will work closely with the Volunteering co-ordinator on projects such as SU Superstars and with the Opportunities Manager on SU Sustainability projects. The Community Officer will look to strengthen participation within the on campus student community, as well as the local community. They will look to strengthen the relationship between the SU, University and the community. They are also ultimately answerable to students!


Education Officer

The Education Officer is responsible for representing students on all educational issues, ensuring that the academic experience is of a high standard for all. They will be involved in the construction and delivery of the Course Rep System including recruitment and training and work alongside reps to enable their engagement in academic quality; ensuring that the academic experience is shaped by the students who receive it. They also will support students through academic appeals/complaints and academic breach procedures. The Education officer will stay aware of the national developments in higher education, making sure that the Union is campaigning on relevant educational issues as well as being ultimately answerable to students!



The Students’ Union President is the business figurehead of the SU. They are responsible for ensuring that the Union develops alongside the 3 year strategic plan, working with officers and staff so that the Union runs as a sustainable business and that it campaigns successfully for the student body. They are the main liaison to external bodies such as the County Councils, the police, NUS and the media. The SU President will ensure that all students are engaged in the Union and have the opportunity to shape what we do and be involved in activities. They will chair various committees, co-ordinate the SU Annual report are ultimately answerable to students!


Sports Officer

The Sports Officer is responsible for the running of SU sport, working with the Sports Co-Ordinator to enable as many students as possible to access sport, train and play. They will look to promote a Sport For All ethos, enabling participation for students of all abilities and backgrounds, as well as upholding disciplinary procedures and a supportive environment. The Sports Officer is responsible for organising and delivering events such as the Sports and Societies Naked Charity Calendar, Sports Reunion, Varsity events and the Sports Awards Dinner. They are required to manage the SU sports budget and be the SU’s representative for BUCs regionally and nationally. They are also ultimately answerable to students!


NUS Conference Delegate

The University of Gloucestershire Students’ Union is affiliated to the NUS. This means that we are part of the NUS, and can have our say in the people who are elected as the leaders of the NUS and how things are run within it.


Got questions about the elections process? Check out the Elections Q&A page or email your Students' Union Student Voice Manager Louise Fensome, at lfensome@glos.ac.uk