As a student at the University of Gloucestershire you are allowed to challenge the provision & procedures if they have affected your academic success. The University's procedures follow a set of formal guidelines to which students and staff of the university must adhere to.

You cannot appeal just because you disagree with the examiner or you want a remark. The University will not consider any appeals which challenge academic judgement.

Can I appeal against my mark?

Any student can make an academic appeal if their appeal is based on the following grounds:

  • That, at the time of the assessment, there existed circumstances which adversely affected the student’s performance and which the student was unable to communicate to a Board of Examiners before it reached its decision. In making such a case, the student shall provide valid documentary evidence where appropriate. Retrospective medical certification will not be accepted as valid;
  • That there has been an administrative error or procedural irregularity during the conduct of the relevant assessment of such a significant nature as to have materially affected the approved grade or mark awarded.

What do I do first?

The student must consult the Chair of the Board of examiners informally about their appeal and if the student is satisfied with the outcome no further action will be needed. However if a student is unsatisfied with the outcome then they must settle the appeal formally.

How long do I have to Appeal?

Within 10 workings days of the publication of results the student must give notice in writing to the Head of Registry Services of their intention to appeal, and their grounds for doing so.

Within a further 10 working days the student must submit a full written case, which must be accompanied by any appropriate documentary evidence, to the Head of Registry Services using the Academic Appeals Form.

Who can help me?

A member of the SU officer team can support you on how best to construct an appeal. We can review a draft of your appeal and advise the best evidence you can give to support your appeal. We are not responsible for presenting evidence or the outcome of your appeal.

Student Complaints

Any student can make a complaint about the university (academic or non-academic):

  • Academic complaints can be alleged inadequacies in the provision of a programme of study, tuition, learning support materials etc.
  • Non-Academic complaints normally relate to an alleged inadequacies in other services provided to students by a Faculty or Support Department of the University.

If you would like more information email Maisie, Education Officer at: or go to the relevant myGlos page.

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