UoG Chapel & Faith Spaces


The UoG Faith Venues include the FCH Chapel, the Park Faith Space and the

Oxstalls Faith Space.  The intention is for these venues to be generous places

where all may find welcome, respect, encouragement and inspiration.


The UoG Faith & Spirituality Team seeks to support the spiritual well-being of students and staff, and to increase understanding of and respect for religious beliefs and practices. Thus opportunities will be provided within our Chapel and Faith Spaces for the University community to reflect, worship, pray, learn, study, celebrate, grieve, socialise and engage.


Purpose & Function of Venues

  • To provide inviting and inclusive venues, built upon principles of mutual respect and generosity, where students and staff of all faiths and none can feel welcomed and accepted.
  • To provide a calm and inspiring environment for prayer and reflection
  • To provide a place for worship and observance of different faith practices
  • To promote a sense of wellbeing, both spiritual, social, psychological and physical
  • To provide a place of sanctuary where members of the university can step aside from the challenges, stress and busyness of everyday life
  • To provide a social space where people can relax, share, explore and celebrate.
  • To provide a gathering place for University rites of passage
  • To promote awareness and discussion of religious, ethical, moral and social issues
  • To challenge discrimination, prejudice and injustice
  • To promote dialogue, respect and understanding between different faith groups and between those of religious and non-religious beliefs


Use of Venues

  • The primary purpose of these venues is to seek to meet the above aims.  Any additional usage is secondary and subsequent to this.
  • These venues are for the use of all current UoG students and staff members
  • Opening times:  weekdays in term-time 7am-10pm. 
  • Access at weekends is by swipe access via the Hall building, during the hours of 8am and 6pm.  Use of the Faith Space at these times is for prayer and meditation only – the facility must not be used for cooking or as a social venue at the weekend
  • All users of the venues must be respectful and considerate of others who use the space
  • All users of the venues must ensure that spaces are left clean and tidy, ready for the use of others
  • Users of these venues must not discriminate against people of the same faith, people of different faiths, or people of no faith.
  • Users of these venues must comply with the University’s policies related to Equality and Diversity
  • Users of these venues must comply with the University’s Code of Conduct related to Freedom of Speech
  • Use of the venues for formal groups and events must be pre-booked through the Room Bookings system (Chapel) or by permission of the Campus Chaplain (Park and Oxstalls).  In addition, Form X must be submitted and permission for the event granted before the event may take place
  • If there is a proposal to invite an external speaker into these venues, approval must be gained prior to the event.  Form X must be submitted and permission for the event granted before the event may take place.
  • Failure to comply with these regulations may result in individuals/groups no longer having access to the venue.
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