BankIt has officially launched for this year! Please make sure you log all your volunteering hours below so we can reach our target of 20,000 volunteering hours by July 2018.


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BankIt - What's in it for me?

If you’re a student and you reach 50 hours of volunteering you will receive a SU Volunteering Award.  In 2016 we also launched the SU Volunteering Awards: Special Recognition and Excellence.  More information on these categories for 2017 will be live soon.

SU Volunteering Award winners will be invited to the annual SU Student Awards - The Gnomies! There will also be monthly prize draws throughout the year – so watch this space and keep logging the time you give to volunteering.

If you’re a member of staff, you will receive a certificate for reaching 50 hours of volunteering. There will also be monthly prize draws throughout the year – so watch this space and keep logging the time you give to volunteering.

“University life is all about the experiences. I am extremely passionate about you making the most of your experience at this university. Making space for some voluntary work can really add value to your overall university experience and Your Future Plan.”

Hope Fawsitt, Former Students’ Union Community Officer

What counts as volunteering?

Any unpaid work that is done to the benefit of the community or your club counts towards our target. Volunteering can range from time spent in a club or society committee role, working with school and community sports clubs, organising an event, devoting time to charity fund-raising, travelling further afield (such as the university’s Sport Malawi project), stewarding events, running or assisting with a guides or scout group or being a school governor. The list is endless!

Where do I find volunteering opportunities?

Simply email, visit Portal or you can browse the Students’ Union opportunities.

You can also find opportunities through the local volunteering agency Gloucestershire Association for Voluntary and Community Action, Volunteering Gloucestershire and national websites such as Do It and Join In.  Your Students' Union RAG (Raise and Give) has been relaunched this year, so keep an eye out for how to get involved. 

Get Involved

Many of the members of the University of Gloucestershire undertake unpaid, voluntary work. Whether you are an undergraduate or a postgraduate student, full time or part time, support staff or academic, we all have a part to play in recording and celebrating the often unsung work that the university does for the benefit of the wider community.

Do you coach a local football team? Do you help steward events? Are you on the committee of a society or sports club? Do you volunteer abroad? Do you help a girl guides group? Do you volunteer for a charity? Are you a governor at a school? Bank It!

The University of Gloucestershire and the Students’ Union aim to record the equivalent of over £250,000 worth of volunteer time during the 2014 – 2015 academic year.

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Students did you know over half of recent graduates under 30 years old who are in paid work say that volunteering helped them to secure employment? You can use the experience you bank to help get a Degree Plus Award.

If you bank over 50 hours of volunteering you will get a Volunteering award and be invited to our Volunteering Showcase at the end of the year (though please bank any hours you have done - even if it's just a couple).

How to Find Opportunities

A good way to get involved is to buddy up with someone already doing something similar to the sorts of things you’d like to do. If you are unsure who might be involved with different activities within the university then please email us and we can help to put you in touch.

If you know what sort of thing you’d like to do then the best way to make it happen can often be to contact a local organisation directly and ask them if they any help! Again, if you are unsure who to contact then get in touch and we will do what we can to match you up with a local organization.

We are planning a match-making day on each campus (dates to be confirmed) that will help pair up volunteering opportunities with willing volunteers. Watch this space!

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The Small Print.

Students and staff at the university undertake a fantastic amount of voluntary work in the local and wider community and abroad – and we want to make sure all that all that amazing effort – often hours, days and weeks or more - are ‘banked’ on this website!

The Bank It! campaign aims to log £250,000 worth of volunteer time (18,000 hours based on the average English salary of £13.90 per hour) during the 2014 – 15 academic year. You can log your hours/days/weeks using a simple web form where, as well as logging the number of hours of work you have done, you will be asked to provide a brief description of the work for general information and to inspire others!

What sort of activities can you log? Any unpaid work that is done to the benefit of the wider community counts towards our target. Look at the recent Instagram activity to get inspiration.

A national survey of students (Brewis et al 2010) found that 63 per cent of students have taken part in formal volunteering since starting university. A linked survey of alumni found that 51 per cent of recent graduates under 30 years old who are in paid work say that volunteering helped them secure employment. Student volunteers are highly valued by organisations. So for students this is an important part of the university experience and the value to the community of having a university nearby. There is a long history of university staff volunteering to support local projects and causes. The Bank It! campaign aims to build on the success of the previous 10,000 hours project in trying to capture some of this work – to celebrate and promote it. Get Involved

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