Social events!

Our social events are based at the FCH campus bar. We have our Wednesday night pre-drinking here, where we usually have a dress-up theme and play games before going out into town. All sports clubs also do this at various bars before going to the same place to finish, so we all usually look forward to this night! Every now and then we do joint social events with other teams, which is a great way to meet people that you wouldn't typically come across. Aside from FCH bar, our team has several other sponsors and discounts (ranging from local businesses to international companies) which we'll let you know about upon signup. 
Our team varies widely in personalities and interests-e.g. not every member of the team is a big alcohol drinker, so don't worry if you fit into this category. We make sure to run plenty of social events to cater for everyone.
There's a lot of stigma surrounding University sports teams and their social events. As a team, the Gladiators respect all our players, whether they're 4th-year veterans or 1st-year rookies. So don't be hesitant to attend anything because you've heard rumours of terrible "initiation" rituals around the University.  
To ensure everyone gets integrated into the team, senior players are assigned one or two rookies to take under their wing. Plenty of players join the team on their own, so we make an effort to ensure nobody feels like an outsider. 
Our team does feature guys that have no interest in playing and are purely social members. We operate on a "the more, the merrier" basis with regards to social events, so feel free to bring any friends-whether they have an interest in playing or not.


American Football


  • American Football Social/Training Only Membership£25.00
  • American Football BUCS Membership£100.00


  • American Football Helmet£25.00
  • American Football Pads Hire£25.00
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  • The Park, Cheltenham, GLOS, GL50 2RH
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