All these fixtures will be played on Wednesdays 

1st team competing in Western 1A

2nd team competing in Western 4B

3rd team competing in Western 5B

4th team competing in Western 7A

5th team competing in Inter-colleges league


1st Team:

October 9th- Bristol 2's (Home)      4-1 Win 

October 16th- Bournemouth 2's (Away)     4-1 Win

October 30th- Bristol 3's (Home)    1-1 Draw

November 6th- UWE 2's (Home)      5-0 Win

November 13th- Exeter 2's (Away)     1-1 Draw

November 27th- Southampton Solent 1's (Home)     3-2 Win

December 4th- Bristol 2's (Away)       2-0 Loss

January 29th- Bournemouth 2's (Home)      4-1 Win

February 5th- Bristol 3's (Away)        1-1 Draw

February 19th- Exeter 2's (Home)      5-3 Loss

March 4th- Southampton Solent 1's (Away)       4-1 Win


2nd team fixtures:

October 9th- Hartpury 3's (Away)     3-2 Win

October 16th- Bristol 5's (Away)       5-0 Loss

October 30th- Cardiff 4's (Home)      6-2 Loss

November 6th- Cardiff 3's (Away)     4-1 Win

November 13th- USW 4's (Away)      2-0 Win

November 27th- USW 3's (Home)     2-1 Win

December 4th- Hartpury 3's (Home)  3-3 Draw

January 29th- Bristol 5's (Home)       4-1 Win

February 5th- Cardiff 4's (Away)         1-0 Loss

February 19th- USW 4's (Home)

March 4th- USW 3's (Away)               4-3 Win


3rd team fixtures:

October 9th- Cardiff Met 5's (Home)     2-2 Draw

October 16th- Carmarthen 1's (Home)     14-1 Win

October 30th- Swansea 4's (Away)        3-2 Loss

November 6th- Carmarthen 1's (Away)     4-2 Win

November 13th- Cardiff 5's (Home)       5-3 Loss

November 27th- USW 5's (Away)

December 4th- Cardiff Met 5's (Away)      4-1 Win

January 29th- Carmarthen 1's (Away)         1-0 Loss

February 5th- Swansea 4's (Home)       4-3 Loss

February 19th- Cardiff 5's (Away)      6-1 Win

March 4th- USW 5's (Home)      4-1 Loss


4th team fixtures:

October 16th- USW 6's (Away)        2-0 Win

October 23rd- Royal Agricultural 1's (Home)     7-0 Win

October 30th- Exeter 6's (Home)    4-1 Loss

November 6th- Cardiff 7's (Medics) (Home)      4-2 Loss

November 13th- Bath Spa 2's (Home)

November 27th- Cardiff 7's (Medics) (Away)     2-0 Loss

December 4th- AECC  2's (Home)    2-1 Win

January 29th- FXU 1's (Away)      3-2 Win


5th team fixtures:

October 16th- Forest Sports Education (Away)     6-3 Loss

Football (Mens)


  • Football (Mens) Social/Training Only Membership£25.00


  • Football (Mens) Match Fees£5.00
  • M. Football (3rd Team Shirt)£10.00
  • M. Football (1st team Shirt)£15.00
  • M. Football (2nd Team Shirt)£15.00
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