Hello and welcome to Rugby League’s social page, this year we have two social secs, Adam Harrington and Tommy Dyson. Our aim is to give you every opportunity to spend time with your friends and teammates on a number of occasions. The most frequent being on a Wednesday night where a social will be held with a variety of games and activities provided and hosted ourselves.  We will provide the opportunity to socialise with both your teammates and your friends, but this doesn’t restrict you from just wanting to be a part of the social side of Rugby League. We already have a number of social team members who frequently attend socials without intention to compete in our matches and there is nothing to stop you from being the same if you would like to do so.

Throughout the year we have also arranged a number of joint socials where we shall be spending our pre-drinks with a different social team. This is so that we get to meet a variety of new people and to see how they run their socials in an attempt to both improve ours and experience a different type of night out so that our socials don’t get boring. These shall most often be held at Revolutions, or in certain cases shall be treated as a house party dependent on arrangements and numbers.

If you were to wish to join us for a night out but not to drink then that is not a problem and we will personally make sure that you are catered for in all games and activities. However on certain occasions alcohol is highly recommended!

In April is when we go on our annual tour, details will be shared within the player’s Facebook page where a number of events and details are shared amongst the team. This will be the last opportunity of the year to let loose and prepare some of us for the end of our time at university, and others for the amazing times that they have to look forward to throughout their time at university.

If you have any questions please feel free to add us on Facebook and to message us about details, and we will do everything in our power to get you involved and to make your memories of uni the best possible.

All the best

Adam Harrington & Tommy Dyson


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