Welcome to your Community page      

Hi, I’m Hope and I am the current Students’ Union Community Officer. My role focuses on ensuring that the Union supports and promotes the welfare of all students as well as providing opportunities for students to engage in the community. I also co-ordinate and deliver campaigns and on top of this and starting this year, my role as community officer is also the first point of call for all societies.

As your Community officer I will be working to:

  • Direct the Union’s work on matters concerning, crime, safety and as student residents
  •  Represent students within the local community to Councils, Residents Groups and other community organisations.
  • Working to unify all campus as one
  • Campaigning about mental health awareness
  • Working to Improve the link between The Students' Union and the Socieites  

I am based in the Student union office at Park campus please do come in and say hello and have a chat if you have anything you want to talk about around your student life.

contact me:
01242 714604 or 01242 714370
follow on twitter @yoursucom