Grow with us

What are elections?

UoGSU is a democracy. Which is all well and good, but what does that actually mean?

The SU is a student-led democratic organisation, run by 3 Full-Time Officers, working and being paid full-time (Yes that’s right, it’s a graduate job).

Each year the students of UoG elect the officers they feel can best represent them on issues important to students.

What do these officers do?

The role of the three Full-Time Officers is to lead and represent you on various issues, from your student experience, academic issues, welfare concerns and much more. They sit on University committees and speak on your behalf of you to ensure that the University acts with your best interests in mind.

Any student can stand in the leadership elections and vote.

What roles can I run for?

We have 3 FTO positions available in the SU for next year:

  • Activities and Opportunities Officer
  • Education and Community Officer
  • Welfare and Diversity Officer

Each officer looks after a specific area of student representation- so you can find the one that suits you best! We've written up descriptions of every position so you can see what's right for you- or if you just want to know what you'll be voting for!