Full-Time Officer Roles

Every year, 3 students are elected to work full-time to improve the lives of students at UoG. They are the voice of our students, play a key role in shaping education and services at the University, and lead the SU as an organisation to make sure it is doing everything it can for its members.

What would I be doing?

It's a big role, but a rewarding one. You'll try your hand at lots of different things and each day will feel a bit different. That said, we can say there are probably 5 key things you'll be doing:

  • You'll campaign for change, lobbying the University and local or national government to change what they are doing in the interests of UoG students, and working in collaboration to implement the changes students are asking for.
  • You'll be representing students by being the student voice on University committees, gathering student views through surveys, consultations and research projects, and speaking for UoG students in local and national media.
  • You'll develop leadership skills as you support and inspire other student leaders- from subject reps to Experience officers. Together you can work on projects to improve all areas of student life.
  • You'll help to organise and deliver events and community building activities related to your area, from the Varsity Series and De-Stresstival to Welcome events, and everything in between.
  • You'll be part of UoGSU's Leadership Team, working with other Officers and experienced SU staff to keep the organisation heading in the right direction. You'll also take on the important responsibility of being a Trustee on the SU's Board of Trustees, helping to ensure the SU is complying with the law, financially sound and continuing to deliver for students.

Don’t worry if that sounds like a big step up - you’ll get plenty of support along the way! UoGSU has a staff team with professional skills in everything from student voice to events planning. Most importantly, they are experts in helping students like you to learn and develop so you can be as effective as possible in your role.

Activities and Opportunities Officer

Our Activities and Opportunities role supports all student extra-curricular activities. This includes sports clubs and societies, as well as volunteering and student media. This officer will also be heavily involved in the organisation of SU events such as the Welcome Fayre and Varsity.

Want to know more about the opportunities and benefits of this role? Read our job pack.

Education and Community Officer

The Education and Community Officer will be the student representative for all education and research matters, as well as our course and subject reps. This person will also support students needing academic advice, and be the voice of UoGSU on local community matters.

Want to know more about the opportunities and benefits of this role? Read our job pack.

Welfare and Diversity Officer

Our Welfare and Diversity role supports student welfare matters on campus, and champions equality of opportunity, inclusivity and liberation. This person will also lead on the UoGSU sustainability portfolio.

Want to know more about the opportunities and benefits of this role? Read our job pack.



I’m an International Student – Can I be an officer?

Generally, international students are eligible to take up Full-Time Officer roles: the regulations consider the post an extension of study.

It is generally permitted to work as a Full-Time officer whilst on a student visa, both full-time (with course deferred or at the end of the course) and part-time (maximum of 20 hours/week, in keeping with student visa restriction), and that relevant visa advice (and help with submitting any required visa applications) can be provided by the Immigration Compliance Team.

The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA), collaborating with NUS, have put together guidance on the issue. UKCISA have kindly agreed to make the resource available in full at no cost to students’ unions. The briefing contains sections appropriate for students’ unions, institutions and candidates, but it is worth reading in full. The briefing can be found here. If you have any questions about the elections, the roles or the Students' Union please email su@glos.ac.uk