Why should I Stand?

Standing to be a Part-Time Officer could be one of the best decisions you ever make. Being a Part-Time Officer is a great way to have your voice heard on topics that matter to you and get actively involved in making a positive change! Part-Time Officers sit on the Students' Union Executive Committee and meet once a month to help run the Students' Union. These elections are a fantastic way to get involved with the Students’ Union, and you will be rewarded with an abundance of skills and the chance to make a difference. Plus, it looks fantastic on your CV!

Why should I Vote?

Voting in the Part-Time Officer elections gives you a say in who is going to represent you during your time at University. Not only will you will be voting for your preferred candidates but you will be directly influencing how your Students’ Union is run in the future. It’s super easy to vote all you need is your student number.

Why should I Lead?

Once elected you’ll be put into office to shape and lead the Students’ Union. As the SU is completely separate from the University it manages its own finances and drives its own agendas. As a Part-Time Officer you will be sitting on the Students’ Union Executive Committee that meet once a month to voice various issues, help run campaigns and pass policy.