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. . . to the University of Gloucestershire Students’ Union Annual Report 2015.

2015 was a year of success for the Students’ Union with a breakeven budget, more events and a higher level of student engagement than the year before. Although funding ended for some of our green projects, many have been able to continue such as Global Athletes (to make sport more sustainable) and Green Impact (to train students to audit companies). We successfully recruited some new members of staff including a Commercial Services Manager, a Student Voice Manager, an Opportunities & Sustainability Coordinator and the position of Communications Coordinator was made permanent to ensure we effectively promote the good work that goes on in Your Students’ Union.

It has been a big year on social media to help students feel more engaged with the Students’ Union. We have introduced #FeedbackFriday so that students can answer questions anonymously about issues important to them. This has led to some big wins such as as successfully campaigning to limit any rises in food prices in the refectory and getting better WiFi coverage in halls and on campus. As well as this our website has been redesigned to be more interactive and mobile friendly. Our Freshers Fortnight program had more events than ever before and the Freshers' Ball moved to the racecourse resulting in 500 more students coming to the main event.

It is safe to say that it has been a great year and that is down to the hard work of many people. A personal thank you: to all of the staff, part time officers and my fellow full time officers who all helped to make 2015 a successful one. Finally, a huge thank you must go out to the students of the University who have been involved in the Students’ Union this year; without you our amazing year would not have been possible.

The following report will give you a quick overview of our achievements in 2015 as well as our plans for 2016 but remember we can’t do anything unless you get involved and help tell us what to do. We are the charity for students at UoG and we need your input.

Liam Sandford. Students’ Union President.

Our 2015/16 Full Time Officer Team: Raph, Liam, Chen, and Hope.
Job vacancies were advertised on our JobShop website
Of you helped new students as part of our Freshers’ Volunteer Crew.
Our overall position in the University sports leagues (BUCS). Only one University is higher in the league with fewer students (and that’s St Andrews so they probably won sports like foxhunting and quidditch)

2015 In Numbers


Hours of volunteering logged through Bank It


Students worked for us as Jobshop Temps


New societies were created


Students audited local businesses as part of our Green Impact programme.

Our Women’s Rugby team is the 3rd best student team in Europe


Golden Gnomes awarded at our Student Awards


Students were helped with academic appeals or University complaints


Tickets and passes sold to Freshers’ Fortnight events – our most ever


Students attended course rep training

Over 3,000 hours spent in University meetings representing students


Hours of students patrolling the streets with the police as part of our Student Community Patrol scheme


Primary school children taught by our Our Sports Xtra Students


Raised by our Men’s Rugby team for Movember


The number of cucumbers.

Our Finances

Income Expenditure
Student Voice (Including Trustees, democracy, officers and reps) 23,690 106,783
Running costs 0 204,824
Commercial (Including Clothing, sponsorship and nightclub tickets) 83,445 36,948
Marketing 1,500 73,224
Jobs & Skills (Including Volunteering, JobShop and Sustainability) 53,286 84,443
Sports & Societies Support 33,927 61,423
Sports & Societies Running Costs 168,470 203,393
Volunteering 6,697 6,980
Freshers' Week 74,309 43,299
Summer Ball & Winter Ball 57,869 52,271
Facilities & Block Grant 369,732 6,265
Varsity 13,526 8,931
Sports Awards 15,099 15,058
Green Fund (including money rolled over from last year) 131,734 153,494
Totals £1,033,284 £1,057,335
2015-16 Income
2015-16 Expenditure

Some Of Our Plans

  • Do more for student Mental Health
  • Get more student achievement recognised on the HEAR (the bit of your degree that says what you did at Uni)
  • Launch a bike hire scheme
  • Get better at communicating
  • Give more money and support to Societies
  • Make sure developments at Pittville and Oxstalls are student focussed
  • Get more sports team students playing in BUCS than ever before
  • Improve the conditions of the Folley facilities
  • Replace every machine in the on-campus and in halls laundries
  • Write a new three year strategy
  • Get more space on the campuses
  • And lots more! Ask us if you are interested.

SU policy agreed by our Student Executive Committee that we will be trying to achieve this year:

  1. Campaign to end University Fossil Fuel investments.
  2. Lecture notes should be put on Moodle 24 hours before a lecture.
  3. Evaluate the impact of the extended academic year.
Thanks for reading: if you have any comments or would like to get involved then let us know.
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