What is the NUS?

The NUS stands for the National Union of Students. It is an association of more than 600 Students’ Unions across the UK. Through these students’ unions, the NUS represents the interests and views of over 7 million students. They are responsible for promoting, defending, and extending the rights of students, as well as championing strong students’ unions.  

What does the NUS do?

A few of the things the NUS do include:

  • Campaigns: The NUS run campaigns on various subjects that are relevant and in the interests of students e.g. they recently ran a campaign on ‘Confronting lad-culture in Higher Education’. They are also effective in lobbying parliament to support the rights and welfare of students.
  • Resources: The NUS provide resources for students’ unions, such as tools to help students to run effective campaigns. They also conduct research on assorted topics which are relevant to students, and share these findings with Students’ Unions.
  • Support for officers: They provide support for officers in time of need e.g. if an officer was facing disciplinary action.
  • International links: They have links with NUS Scotland and Wales, as well as being recognised as an umbrella body for students across the world.

What is our relation with the NUS?

The University of Gloucestershire Students’ Union is affiliated with the NUS. This means we are one of the 600 Students’ Unions whose students are represented by the NUS.

The NUS provide:

  • NUS extra. The NUS extra card is one of the benefits you receive from being a member of a NUS affiliated students’ union. This card provides you with money off at various popular outlets.  
  • Training for Students’ Union Officers and Staff. This means the officers and staff develop their skills enabling them to be as effective in their roles as possible.
  • A community, so the University of Gloucestershire Students’ Union can share ideas and best practice with other Students’ Unions in the movement.
  • Funding for projects e.g. The NUS provided us with £300,000 to fund our Green Fund Project which will make the SU environmentally friendly and sustainable.

What is an NUS Conference Delegate?

The NUS National Conference is the highest decision making body within the NUS. This year the conference will be held between the 8th-10th April, in Liverpool. The conference is attended by over 1,200 delegates from the 600+ Students’ Unions which are affiliated to the NUS.

An NUS conference delegate is someone who attends the NUS national conference. During the conference, the delegate must vote on the behalf of all of the students of The University of Gloucestershire, about various things such as who is going to run the NUS for the next year (e.g. who will be the next President/Vice President/ Liberation Officers), and also to choose the priorities of the NUS for the next year.

To find out what the NUS is currently working on visit www.nus.org.uk

What happens at the NUS conference?

During the February elections, 3 delegates are chosen to attend the NUS conference. These delegates will be responsible for voting on the behalf of the 10,000 students at the University of Gloucestershire, to decide:

  1. Who will be the NUS Officers for the following year
  2. Future NUS policies
  3. What students want the NUS to campaign for

You can find out more information about the NUS conference here: http://conference.nusconnect.org.uk/

Travel and Accomodation expenses will be paid by the Students’ Union.

For more information on how you can become a delegate and attend the NUS conference please email: lfensome@glos.ac.uk


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