As an SU we recognise that all of our activities, services and products have an impact on our environment, either positive or negative. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we believe that managing the environmental and ethical implications of our activities should be an integral part of good management practice and responsible corporate governance.

We are grateful to our two Green Impact Interns, Simon De La Haye and Layla Mabrouk, for their great work on sustainability in the SU.

You can view the SU's Sustainability Policy here and the SU's Environmental Impacts here

About our Sustainability Projects

Currently we are running the NUS Green Impact Programme and Global Athletes.

The big NUS Sustainability Student Survey 

You took part in this survey last year in October, and for the seventh year running this survey of HE and FE students has shown that in spite of the rise in fees and the crash of the jobs market, the demand for institutions to take action and the desire to learn about sustainability has remained constant. Each year, the survey results have shown that:

  • 80 per cent of students want their institution to be doing more on sustainable development
  • 60 per cent of students want to learn more about sustainability.

Read the full NUS report here

The SU's Green Intern, Layla Mabrouk, has done some research for us on students' attitudes to UoG sustainability. Here is her write up after analysing your responses.  Watch this space for the changes we hope to make within your SU based on your feedback.

Fancy getting involved?

There are a multitude of ways you can get involved with sustainability during your time at university, for instance:

  • Joining an environmentally friendly society –The UniGlos Green Team society here at UoG is a great example of students valuing suitability with the society endeavouring to carry various environmental activities. For example, these include collecting unwanted food from cafeterias that otherwise would have gone to waste and redistribute across local homeless shelters assisting in the effort to reduce the overall within the university’s community. For further information about the UniGlos Green Team see here.
  • Adopting positive environmental lifestyle habits, for example, switching off electrical appliances and lights if not in use or if you see a case of unnecessary lighting at university upload a photo to the Snap it off campaign. Some more tips to living a more sustainable lifestyle include being more considerate with your water usage, reducing and recycling your waste in addition to supporting Fairtrade and sustainable products along with eating more local, seasonal food where possible.
  • Sustainability Internships – Check the future plan portal or contact us directly regarding sustainability volunteering opportunities by emailing

Previous Projects:

In 2013, your SU was awarded £289,790 from the NUS-managed, HEFCE funded Students’ Green Fund. This 3-year project had 5 strands of student-led sustainability opportunities and projects across campus life and into the local community, including development and support for student-led social enterprises such as Core Blimey Juice and Cider, Oh Beehive and the Cheltenham Chilli Company, where students produced a sustainable business model via growing and selling chilli products locally.

Little Green ShopOther strands of the project were the Green Impact and Global Athletes programmes along with the Big Green Gap Year (Summer Placements) and The Little Green Shop, which allowed students to sell used items preventing waste and promoting reuse with all profits going back into sustainability projects. Despite the 3-year project coming to an end we continue to maintain our involvement within the NUS Green Impact and Global Athlete programmes as part of our commitment towards sustainability.                       

Find out more about the Green Fund Project at

See The Little Green Shop promotional YouTube video here

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