Wifi in halls

Wifi available in all halls

Cooking services for personal use

Microwave and kettle for personal food preparation for students.

Not enough Parking Spaces

Not enough parking spaces at Oxstalls

More changing rooms in Oxstalls

Oxstalls in need of more changing rooms.

Toilets blocked in TC1

Restricted water flow per flush in the toilets.

Video cameras bought for SU for Sports

Having some new video cameras being bought through the SU for sports teams / member's use.

We want E-submission on assignments

E-submission would be so much easier for everyone! You would be able to submit from home, not be queueing for a computer to print your work, you wouldn't have to pay for printing.

The coffee queue at Park is too long

Every day from 2pm onwards there's a huge queue on the coffee side, there's only ever one person serving and they take the bar staff from the SU to help, meaning there's no one serving in the su. There needs to be 2 people dealing with coffee queue, maybe 1 for coffee and 1 serving everyone else and leave the bar staff free.

ICT video cameras not working

Student's have complained about vid. cameras not working

Can the timetables be released any earlier?

Last year I received my timetable really late which I found very distressing. Ideally the earlier the better would be great!

Growth hub not student friendly

Growth hub isn't student friendly

The computer rooms are never open late enough

Can the computer rooms be open later during term, as you get into your flow of work you have to leave and de-motivates students to carry on with their assignment they are writing.

Library Information being spread more.

Information about the library being spread through social media and newsletters.

A cashless system in the bars and refectory would be great

Is there anyway to have a cashless system using our University ID cards? That we are able to credit and use in the bars/refectories/libraries

The refectory is too expensive

The refectory is getting more expensive every year I study here. Bring back the cheap meal deals!!

Where can I study with a group on campus?

I can never find anywhere to do group work at Park campus and the refectory is too busy.

Autosaving work if locked out

Looking into autosaving work if you've been locked out of the computer after 30 minutes.

There needs to be more for mature students

What can the SU provide for me as a mature student?

I can never find a computer to use on campus

Is there anyway I can find out how busy the libraries are before I travel to Uni to find out there are non available?

I can never can an appointment with the careers team

Everytime I try to book an appointment with the careers team they are always really busy. As it is so demanding, is there anyway to increase the appointment slots?

Oxstalls Refectory Refurbishments

The first area to be updated will the Oxstalls refectory, which will be closed on Thursday 29 and Friday 30 August in order for works to be carried out.

Library closing at 7pm

Notices about the library doors locking at 7 and having to use your student card.

What does the SU do after Freshers' week?

I want to get involved as much as I can with the SU, but I don't know what you offer?

There is such a long waiting list for the counselling service

Is there anyway the University would be able to increase the counselling service?

Can the library opening times be increased?

The library opens when lectures have started in the morning. It would be great if the library could be open before lectures are due to start

Glos Climate Panel is looking for members!

The panel will give young people a voice on climate change issues, and the ability to influence how the county responds.

There should be more social space at Oxstalls

The new growth hub means there is less space for group work. I think new space needs to be built or other rooms should be available.

Freshers' week was good but there should be more events

I enjoyed freshers' week but I felt like I wanted more. Is there anything the SU can do to make it better?

I want to be able to print from my tablet

The libraries get very busy around assignment submission time. Wireless printing is the way forward, can we sort this?

Can we have lockers at Park campus?

I cycle into campus and I would like somewhere to leave my cycle kit and some of my textbooks.

Exclusive discounted tickets to see Craig David LIVE!

We've teamed up with the host of Craig David at the Jonny-Rocks Stadium to provide you with an end of year event you'll never forget!

Gnominations now open

Gnominations for this years Gnomies are now open!

Your newly elected Officer Team for 2019/2020

Check out your newly elected Officer Team!

Recycling is no waste of time!

Every Can Counts aims to make it easier to recycle your drink cans and make a difference.

Uni eSports Games go LIVE this weekend for 24 hours!

The team behind the University of Gloucestershire’s FIRST inter-university eSports event with the University of Worcester on March 4th 2019 is running a 24-hour gaming live stream from the University of Gloucestershire’s TV Studio.

Accommodation Offers & Options 19/20

There is a range of accommodation offers and options for the next academic available to students.

SU Leadership Elections are coming...

Info sessions are running next week at Oxstalls, FCH and Park

SU Position on University Finances

The University of Gloucestershire has recently announced that it is undertaking a financial sustainability exercise in reaction to the downturn in the number of student applications to UK Higher Education Institutions over the next 3 years.

Winter Weekender hosts free Christmas cinema, concerts and comedy in King’s Square

Christmas shoppers are invited to take a break from Christmas shopping this weekend when a winter pavilion opens in King’s Square on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 December to show popular Christmas films and a variety of crowd-pleasing live music and comedy performances.

The Best Freshers’ Fayre in the Country!

The University of Gloucestershire Students’ Union has just been ranked the best overall Freshers’ Fayre in the country!

Lantern workshops and walking trail add extra shine to Sunday’s Christmas Lantern Procession

This Sunday’s Gloucester’s Christmas Lantern Procession will light up the streets of Gloucester city centre. The procession begins at Kimbrose Triangle at 4.30pm, travelling along Southgate Street, Westgate Street and turning onto College Street before arriving at Gloucester Cathedral where a free carol service will take place.

Bye Bye Plastic Bags

At the 2018 Students’ Union AGM students voted for the SU to work to lobby the University to reduce disposable and single-use plastics on campus.

Experience Officer and SU Committee Elections 2018

See the results of the Experience Officer elections

Cupless Campus

Following feedback from staff and students, a Students’ Union AGM meeting which voted for a reduction in disposable waste and a successful pilot over the summer months, the University has removed disposable cups from its refectories and coffee counters.

University agrees to keep all libraries open 24/7

We are delighted to announce that the University has agreed to keep all libraries open 24/7!

Student-Led Teaching Awards 2017 Finalists Announcement!

Check out this years finalists for the Student-Led Teaching Awards!

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