Case Study: Disability in Sport, Hope Fawsitt

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My name is Hope Fawsitt former Students’ Union Welfare officer and UOG Sports Coaching Graduate.
I have been Deaf/hearing impaired since I was young, I’ve had several operation to try and repair and improve my hearing but this didn’t work, so since being a teenager I’ve worn two hearing aids.

Throughout school I was constantly getting into trouble because they thought I was a naughty kid, when really I couldn’t hear the teacher which was why I would get distracted and do other things. I communicate verbally but rely heavily on lip reading, so they would just assume my hearing wasn’t that bad as I can talk.
I’ve played football since a young age but once again this was a struggle due to coaches and players having lack of knowledge and assuming my hearing was fine
Despite this, football was still my passion and my goal was to represent Great Britain Deaf ladies Football team, so every week I went to training, despite not getting played as I kept doing things wrong due to miss communication, I worked hard and battled through the frustration of being misunderstood.

So when I joined the University of Gloucestershire in 2009 the first thing I wanted to do was to join the women’s football team and that’s just what I did. The girls and the coaching staff were incredible, they weren’t afraid to ask me questions about how they can help me during a match and training, some even learnt some sign language. For the first time I finally felt that I was being listened too. Being part of this team boosted my confidents’ levels to achieve things I never thought I could.
One year on after joining the women’s football team I was selected to join the Great Britain Deaf Ladies Football Team and the England Deaf Futsal Team and 2014 I went to Germany to represent Great Britain.

I was only able to achieve this dream with the help of my team mates, coaching staff at UOG Women’s Football, Students’ Union and the University. Not only did they help me to gain confidents, they helped me to accept me for who I am and that my disability does not define me as a person.
And for that I thank you.
Being a part of TeamGlos was the best decision I have ever made, it changed my life and helped me to feel included.

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