New Year, New You?

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New year, new you?

Welcome back! We hope that everyone who has been away has had a chance to get some well-earned rest and is feeling up for the new semester.

Sometimes it’s not always possible to be as enthusiastic for January as we want to be and so we thought it would be a good idea to put out some simple New Year’s Resolutions that a bunch of people can get on board with! If you haven’t made one yet, why not steal one of ours?


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It’s all to easy to get sucked into “new year, new me” diets that are bad for us and are impossible to stick to. Rather than punish yourself or take up the latest fad why not just spend a little time considering your food choices and making your own meals where you can? Get out that receipt book you got given as a present or just search online for student budget friendly, healthy choices.

Rather than buy chips on campus next time you’re here, bring some tasty leftovers to heat up – save money and have something a bit better for you!


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When it’s dark outside and exam season seems to be dragging on it’s super normal to feel a bit down. Shaking that feeling isn’t easy for everyone so get help from those around you as well as practise as much selfcare as you’re able to.

Take 10 minutes a day to focus on YOU. Do some mindfulness, reflect on your progress, practice gratitude for what you have, do something you love doing but never make time for and most importantly give yourself a pat on the back!


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University can be confusing at the best of times; let alone when assignments and exams are looming! Feeling like you’re making progress can really help get you through the tougher times when it can feel a bit like struggling so try setting goals at small but important milestones.

It’s important to set yourself goals which stretch you but aren’t impossible about the kind of degree you want – involve your personal tutor and the people you trust most to get some ideas down on paper!


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As anyone who has been to their gym since the start of the year will know every year hordes of people join the gym and give up by the start of February. Being motived to exercise isn’t always easy when you’re on your own and the exercise is just grinding out reps in a hot, packed room.

University sport offers all the positives of getting a work out in but involves so much more. Not only will you have the accountability of a team to keep you going back, you’ll meet loads of new people that you might not have otherwise. Teams are always open for new people to go along so see what we have to offer and get in touch.


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