Student-Led Teaching Awards 2017 Finalists Announcement!

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This year there are six categories which students nominated staff members to win an awards. With over 200 nominations, we have managed to narrow down the finalists below! That winners will be annouced at the Staff awards on Wednesday 24th May at Cheltenham Town Hall.

Most Inspiring Lecturer

  • Jonathan Hobson
  • Tracey Wire
  • Kate Goodwin
  • Popular Music Team (Matthew Lovett, Tom Soper, Tim Land, Andrew Lansley, Simon Turner, Mike Smith, Gerry Moorey, Abigail Gardner)
  • Andrew Bradley
  • Martine Deighan
  • Paula Thomas
  • Vanessa Bewley
  • Rob Whitehouse
  • David Last

Exceptional Support Beyond Teaching

  • James Derounian
  • Steven Piper
  • Arran Stibbe
  • Richard Millican
  • Helen Stivaros
  • Jack Southern
  • Caro McIntosh
  • Andrew Lansley
  • The Helpzone Team ( Susana Franklyn, Nicky Bon, Fay Marmon, Cathy McNulty, Rachel Wilson)
  • Primary Education Maths Team ( Jackie McNeil, Emma Howell, Ruth Hollier)

Most Innovative or Creative Teaching Style

  • Lania Knight
  • The RPE Team ( Dave Webster, Roy Jackson, Will Large, Melissa Raphael)
  • Michael Johnson
  • Katie Thompson
  • Michel Druey
  • Simon Turner

Best Practice in Promoting Equality & Diversity

  • Rodrigo Aspe
  • Physical Education Team ( Rosanna Armstrong, Rachel Sullivan, Jo Shire, Jordan Wintle)
  • Jun Zhang
  • Elaine Wegryzn
  • Jonathan Elcock
  • Linda Farrall

Best Academic Feedback

  • Brian Frederick
  • Kerry Hughes
  • Jonathon Hobson
  • Sarah Henderson
  • Physical Education & Coaching Team (Ben Moreland, Jordan Wintle, Simon Padley, Philip Sherfield, Paul Garner, Rosanna Armstrong, Jo Shire, Rachel Sullivan, Claire Mills, Jon Cryer)
  • Adam Hart

Most Engaging Module

  • NS6108: Working in Forensic Settings: Claire Marsh
  • MD6212: The Production Company: Andrew Lansley
  • HM4204: Language, Ecology and Society: Arran Stibbe
  • BM6102: Cultural Issues in Management: Jun Zhang, Ryan Curtis & Maria Galindo-Abarca
  • SP6022: Sports Therapy Clinical Practice: Kirsty Hopgood
  • NS4104: Psychology in Everyday Life: Jonathon Elcock

Well done to all who were nominated!


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