Self-Defense Society


Welcome to our new, exciting self-defense society! Come and join so you can help reduce statistics and increase the awareness of sexual violence in the UK.

-Sessions are open to everyone of any ability.
-No commitment, sessions are pay-as-you-go, just turn up in comfortable clothes!

Why should you learn self-defense??

-one of the most obvious reasons would be to defend yourself/others around you when in danger.

-you will gain confidence. This society will definitely allow you to step out of your comfort zone! As with new skills and tools we learn, you'll need to confidently assess a dangerous situation and navigate effectively.

-Focus. Self-defense students learn how to focus during stressful situations, and apply this to day to day life.

-A form of exercise. Self-defense offers a fun and powerful way to train the body, burn some calories and improve your physical health.


There's so much more as to why learning self-defense is important and a life skill for everyone!

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We look forward to seeing you!

Contact Us
  • 01242 714360
  • The Park, Cheltenham, GLOS, GL50 2RH
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