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Who are we?

This society is all about the amazing sport of Airsoft. Airsoft is a team sport in which players shoot eachother with small round plastic pellets, otherwise known as BB's, launched by imitation firearms, otherwise known as Airsoft guns. In this sport you will team up with a bunch of players and take on the enemy team in a multitude of game modes from a simple team deathmatch to objectives like capture the flag and attack/defense. This society is here to bring players together and go out there and have some fun as a group.


What should i wear?

This part comes down entirely up to you. Let me explain what i mean, When i go airsofting for the day i typically see most people (around 75%) dressed in millitary style gear, Camoflauge overalls, plate carriers on their chests, full on helmets protecting their heads, it feels like you're actually at the millitary.

Then you have your casual players, the likes of me, dressed in whatever they felt like when they woke up on the day. It's suprisingly common to see people running around in jeans and a hoodie or the likes of that. Personally i just wear a t-shirt under a long sleeved shirt with a pair of jeans, wear what you feel comfortable in, but try to cover as much skin as you can to try and avoid too much pain.

Remember that as a sport that includes a lot of running around you might sweat more than you'd like, and it's common to get dirty if you play in forest areas, so try to be comfortable and not wear anything you wouldn't like to damage.


What if i don't have my own gear?

Not a worry! Most players are not expected to have their own gear for their first few games, in fact it's probably recommended not to purchase gear for your first 2 or 3 games. Most airsofting sites will provide hire package for players that include a basic gun and magazine for the day, as well as face protection so that you don't get hurt.


What are the prices like?

The prices heavily depend on where we will be going and what we will be doing, to give you a rough idea of the prices when you first join, a package for a day of airsofting, including hiring an M4A1 rifle for the day, face protection for the day, and 3,000 bullets, will cost £45 or £35 (depending on day, Thursdays are short and cheap, Sundays are longer and expensive.). , when you buy your own kit and dont need to hire a gun and face protection, this price tends to look more like £20 rarely going to £35 depending on what kind of event is running.

In the future we might be considering Mil-Sim style events as trips, these are currently unknown in prices as they are constantly changing based on what event we might choose to go to in the future.


What can i expect from your society?

We aim to bring airsofters together and meet up weekly or bi-weekly to discuss strategies and hang out in general, maybe talk about what kind of kit we are considering buying and what kind of kit we already have. We are hoping to make it to an airsoft field once a month or two to play some games either against eachother or other players from around the area.


How can i get in contact?

Other than socials we currently have a Discord server up and running to give information to our players and share our kit and ideas amongst the group, Feel free to email us any questions as well if you don't use discord. Contact details and a link to discord are here:

Discord link

Airsoft Society


  • Airsoft Society Standard Membership£5.00


  • Airsoft Game (Walk On - Own Equipment)£20.00
  • Airsoft Game (Hire/Rental Equipment)£35.00
Contact Us
  • 01242 714360
  • The Park, Cheltenham, GLOS, GL50 2RH
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