Inititally established in 2013, the UoG First Aid Society was recognised as an attachment of the St. John Ambulance's LINKS Volunteer Programme. Unfortunately, over time, this Society disbanded.

Picking up the reigns in late 2018, the UoG First Aid Society has few, but comprehensive core-values and objectives. As a Society, we firmly believe that every individual has a responsibility to learn fundamental life-saving skills. By provision of this Society, we strive to ensure these functional skills are accessible to anyone and everyone.

  • Please note, whilst membership costs and expectations are finalised, Please DO NOT purchase a membership to the society. The listed price is in no way indicative of the future. Alternatively, register your interest or enquiry to the Society President: beneriksson@connect.glos.ac.uk


Commitee member of another Society? Get in touch re. affiliation and any future opportunities together!


We plan to begin the recruitment / enrollment process into the society at the start of the 2019/20 Academic Year. So please Join us on:

  • A fantastic volunteering opportunity for prospective & current Paramedical Sciences Students, as previous volunteering experience really puts you above the competition when applying within Amublance Trusts!
  • One of the most rewarding, selfless and respected ways of spending on what would of been a quiet Friday night!


(Last Updated 03.06.2019)

Society-Policy and Regulatory delcarations:

Just like the rest of this page, Society-drafted policies are subject to change - any document watermarked as "draft" should be taken as so.

  1. Identifying how we collect, store and process your personal data (GDPR)
  2. Your rights over the data we handle (GDPR)

With a vested interest, and requisite of promoting and improving Student safety, I am working tirelessly behind the scenes - with the invaluable assistance of the Students Union - to rekindle previous affiliations with organisations such as St. John Ambulance. It is our desire to coordinate and share resources with these invaluable organsiations, in addition to the incredible actions of the:

  • Cheltenham Guardian Angels
  • Pitville Community Patrollers
  • Cheltenham Street Pastors

To deliver practical first-aid in a varietty of scenarios. Be it handling a bottle of water outside of the infamous MooMoos, to providing on-site First-Aid for University sporting fixtures as per S.U. Health and Safety Risk Assessment.

As a Society affiliated with the Students Union, and by mutual representation, we striclty adhere to both organisations codes of conduct and regulations.

  1. Student Unions Terms and Conditions
  2. Student Union's Privacy Policy
  3. Student Unions Policy references (Conduct, Health and Safety, sustainability)


  1. University of Gloucestershire's Student Code of Conduct
  2. University of Gloucestershire's Student Charter (2018/19)
  3. University of Gloucestershire's Regulatory Directory


Whilst these commitments are not set in stone - awaiting the formalisation of our roadmap - I will detail a small sample of what you can expect from us as a Society, and what we expect from you as a Member.

Although we have commitment requirements;  as per the nature of the Society, we are extremely understanding and flexible. We do not want to put you off because you have to attend x sessions a week. Nor do we desire for your time with us to have a negative impact on your studies or work/life balance.

We are all here to get a degree at the end of the day. No matter how much you think you can commit - please do enquire, as we will work with worth you!


We expect from you:

  1. Commitment to the recorded attendance of a minimum of training sessions, with a mix of/or exclusivity in theory and practical learning.

  2. Commiting to a rota / scheduled basis of deployment for Student Nights or SU-Related events.

  3. The possible expectation of enrolled Members to purchase (out of their own pocket) and surpass a Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) Background Check, before they will be deployed on patrols, to uphold the reputation of the Student, Students Union and the University of Gloucestershire. (Although, this is not required for attendance to training sessions)




You can expect from us:

  1. Best practice and truthful delivery of first-aid teaching from a necessarily-qualified resource, for protection of both yourself and patient.

  2. To be able to deliver first-aid in a safe environment, where no aligation or harm can be brought against you or the patient.

  3. Formal recognition of first-aid qualification, in the form of certification for example to demonstrate on your CV.



Looking very forward to the near-future,

Ben Eriksson


UoG LINKS President




Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.


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  • su@glos.ac.uk
  • The Park, Cheltenham, GLOS, GL50 2RH
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