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Hello and welcome to the Green Team's page!


We care very deeply about our environment and making it our mission to do something about climate change!  We appreciate we can't change the world, but we can have an impact on our local world and so we are in cahoots with the university to promote sustainable living both within the campuses as well as our lives. Come join us! Get involved as little or as much as you like :-)

We look forward to meeting you.

Our aim last year was to become the UK's no 1 in sustainability and seeing as that is SMASHED, these are our aims this year:


Green Team Activities



Steering Group:  TBC

Objectives: Quarterly Podcast focussing on contentious issues and how they relate to sustainable living, climate change and biodiversity loss.

Details: Details on upcoming podcasts will be posted here.

Where: Podcasts will be aired on our YouTube channel Green Team UoG along with other channels TBC.

When: TBC

Volunteers: Here we welcome questions from you guys on the subject and also your comments afterwards as to what you think, is it good or bad…or is it a bit of both?


Film Nights

Steering Group:  TBC

Objectives: Film nights with a focus on sustainable living, the climate crisis and wildlife.  

Details: Details on upcoming films will be posted here.

Where: Pittville student village (not FCH!) in the old SU bar, lots of bean bags, beers and popcorn…we are also looking to do some food so keep an eye out for event plug.

When: TBC

Volunteers:  If you fancy helping to pull this event together we would love to get some sponsorships, take part in the Green Film Festival which is happening nationally, we would like to do some add ons in terms of clothes swapping afterwards, collaboration with other societies, running more film nights and in multiple locations such as Park campus.  So loads of scope here to get involved.  But most importantly keep the date free to join us for some chill-out time with your “tribe”.


Climate Café

Steering Group:  Fin Wilson

Objective: An opportunity just to vent and chat with like-minded people about our current climate crises.

Details: Sometimes your friends make you feel like a weirdo for caring about the planet and don’t understand why you get angry at them for not recycling.  This is a space for you to come have a cup of tea, sample Jordan’s amazing vegan home bakes and just get shit off your chest and perhaps brainstorm and share ideas and thoughts.

Where: Social room in FCH chapel (back room)

When: TBC

Volunteers: If you would like to step forward to help Fin co-ordinate and advertise these events that would be super, also please come along and support it, once again it is chance to hang out with your “tribe”


Fridays for Future

Steering Group:  Fin Wilson, Ethan Farley, Billy Wassal.

Objective: Provide an opportunity for you to make your voice heard around combating the climate crises

Details: We will be running campaigns on Fridays to get your views on what the uni needs to be doing to combat the climate crises.  It will be in the courtyard at FCH and I would like to expand this, but I can only do this with your help.

Where: FCH for now

When: TBC due to COVID-19

Volunteers: I will need volunteers to gain signatures/views for 1 hour at lunchtime on the designated Friday which we will then put forward to the uni to get them to make changes the students want.


Behind the Scenes

We are also looking for people who can help us with the organisation of the group, so if you are a wizz at building websites, have tons of social media skills, good organiser, good salesperson to help us fundraise or just feel super passionate about this group, please email me direct and we can get you involved in making the magic happen.  Many hands make light work.

We will also be collaborating with other societies, so any ideas, please let us know!


Keeping In Touch

                Email: or just search Green Team in Outlook

                Facebook:   @GreenTeamUog

                Instagram:   green_team_uog_

                Twitter:        @UoG_GreenTeam

                YouTube:     Green Team University of Gloucestershire

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