HERStory Makers

Welcome to the brand new women's rights society! HERstory Makers!

President: Laurenie Haynes

Secretary: Natasha London

Treasurer: Charlotte Rogers

This society will welcome all students and staff from the university to share their opinions, thoughts and concerns about women's rights at every single level. The society would be open to students and staff of any gender, orientation, race, etc. We must work together to make change happen, so there’s no point in saying only women can be involved.

We will be a group that is supporting and helping the campaign for women’s rights. We will be the leading voice for women’s rights at the University of Gloucestershire. 

We will meet once a week, possibly at a coffee shop or something similar, so people can sit together and chat about the different issues going on in a more relaxed setting. This would hopefully make people more comfortable to speak up if they are dealing with an issue. We would also speak about ongoing campaigns and how we can help the causes, even on a small scale.

I would hope that we could get guest speakers to come to a meet-up, so maybe book a classroom on one of the campuses, and have talks around the subject of women’s rights.

We would be a support network for anyone wanting to speak about Women’s rights or help campaign for or assist a cause.

Contact Us
  • 01242 714360
  • su@glos.ac.uk
  • The Park, Cheltenham, GLOS, GL50 2RH
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