Music Creation Society

Welcome to the Music Creation/Creative Music Society

Our little motto is...

"This is not just a society. This is a community of creators, future innovators and pioneers where we help each other out to get to our collective goal"

For the people who want to:

  • Create, produce and write their own music.
  • Learn new skills in the world of music production and performance.
  • Learn how to perform as a singer/songwriter
  • Learn how to perform as a DJ
  • How to overcome performance anxiety
  • And finally, performing at gigs and earning profit! $$$

This society is open to everyone at University of Gloucestershire, to all year groups and to all campus’.

The vision for this society is to help us achieve our interests within the creative world of music. Whether that would be producing, mixing/mastering, gigging/performing or even being a sound engineer.

Trips & Events

The trips & activities we are planning to have for the society are:

  • Potential Gig nights - with the amount of venues in Cheltenham/Gloucester, we can choose from any of these to be a place where we can organise events. Planning to do a minimum of 1 gig event every 3 months. Gig nights can range from any genre, but there might be events where it will be band or singer/songwriter orientated and then there will be some events that are DJ orientated.
  • Trips - potiential trips to music-focused events such as BBC Introducing and yearly abroad trips alongside Creative Music Technologies, Popular Music and Music Business students.


  • Activities - activities that include learning how to produce and perform your style of music (you're not forced to produce or perform in any certain way! YOU ARE OPEN TO DO WHATEVER!). We will also teach people who are not suited to a performance environment by guiding and teaching them how to overcome performance-based anxiety.
  • 'In-uni' social sessions where we meet up, produce, collaborate and socialise with everyone!

Social sessions happen every Wednesday @ 5:30

TC201 Media Centre @ Park Campus


MEMBERSHIP FEE - £22.50 - Guaranteed performance slots at gigs, activities in Studio & Sound Labs and trips, information for guest lectures and opportunities to collaborate with many other members.

Society President Bio

President - Jack Van Delden-Wilce

UK, and University of Gloucestershire creative music technology student, based Electronic and Experimental producer. Jack Van Delden-Wilce has a multi-talented visionary for his discography, taking new steps into the different worlds of music each day . Some songs having sprinkles of synth pop like his most popular song on his first full-length project ‘Version 1.0’ called ‘Could This Be Chillwave’, to now - having electro pop footwork beats such as 'Levitate' with collaborator ShutUpTate off his 2019 album 'Genesis: The Days of Creation'.

Jack's debut Mixtape, Wilcie., shows off how Jack as changed from being a producer in the bedroom making beats for fun - to now, being a serious artist with a vision for himself. With his electronic, experimental style with added inspiration from rap music; Jack is determined to get his talent noticed.

Jack has been in the industry since the start of his teenage years creating weird beats and publishing them on Soundcloud. Ever since his 16th birthday, he began taking the industry seriously and began releasing new forms music, performing at festivals, collaborating and co-producing on projects for artists like LivingStone and Acklando.

Jack takes inspiration from many artists like Flying Lotus and Clams Casino, the renaissance producers in the present day industry of music. He also takes inspiration from his childhood artists like Kanye West, plus many more like the late DJ Rashad. His childhood inspirations led Jack to know about how sampling sounds is great to recycle it into a new beat.

Treasurer/Secetary - Jack Windsor

University of Gloucestershire creative music technology student, based Electronic music producing and Session Guitaring. Jack Windsor mostly collaborates with artists such as Jack Van Delden-Wilce and Rean, experimenting with sounds and mold them into different genres. Jack has been learning since starting the creative music technology course in 2018, gathering inspiration from many backgrounds and genres.

Jack Windsor goes under the alias 'LivingStone' and has released 1 EP and 1 studio album called '3:23' in late August 2019, delivering a mixture of subgenres in the electronic world.

Both Jack Van Delden-Wilce and Jack Windsor wanted a community full of musicians where they can produce and show off their gifted talents and be a community.


Contact Us
  • 01242 714360
  • The Park, Cheltenham, GLOS, GL50 2RH
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