Welcome to the Pro-Wrestling Society!


Have you ever wanted to be a Professional Wrestler? Or would you like to try something new? Then we are the society for you!

Founded in 2018, the UoG Pro-Wrestling Society is here to deliver weekly professional wrestling training sessions to all the students of the University of Gloucestershire!

We are proudly honored, to be in a partnership with Evolution Wrestling Academy in Gloucester! We aim to develop our roster of talent from the students, put on shows, and become our own promotion! 

Venue Address: Unit 5, Llanthony Industrial Estate, Gloucester.  Postcode: GL2 5HL

(If it is your first time training with us, you will need to fill in the health and safety form when you arrive.)


Training Sessions:

Training sessions are running every Tuesday Evening at Evolution Wrestling Academy from 7:15 pm to 9:15 pm.


NO Prior Wrestling Experience Required!

You will be taught straight from the basics all the way before you’re ready to put on a show and it does not matter about body type you are, the society is open to everyone! Our trainers are extremely friendly and will guide you through anything! 


There is a £65.00 joining fee for the society. However, you will get a FREE TRIAL SESSION! This DOES NOT require the one-off joining fee!


From there you can decide if you would like to continue training with us if you enjoyed your time at the trial session! After that, weekly training sessions cost £9.00 per week. However, if you pay the one-off £65.00 joining fee you get your first training session for FREE and FREE socials as well!


Also, if you pay and attend the Tuesday evening session, you can attend the Sunday 10:30 am to 12:30 pm public session with Evolution at NO EXTRA CHARGE!


You are getting TWO sessions for cheaper than the price of one! Standard weekly training fees at Evolution are £15.00 per session (if you are not a UoG student).


Ring Gear:

  • Elbow and Knee Pads: You can buy a pair of Elbow and Knee pads from Evolution directly through our SU page. These cost £20.00 or you are more than welcome to bring your own! (Required)


  • Appropriate footwear: Primarily either Trainers or Wrestling Boots; in a bag and have NOT been worn outside prior to coming) (Required)


  • A pair of shorts, jogging bottoms or tights (Required)


  • T-Shirt, vest or jumper (Required)


  • Mouth Shield (Optional)


  • Hand kit: gloves or grip bandage (Optional)


  • Water Bottle (Optional)


Here are some of the pictures of what we have been doing at our Training Sessions:





"Do I need any prior experience?"

No, you DO NOT need any prior wrestling experience to train! You will be taught from the ground up!


"What Ring Gear do I need?"

You will need to a pair of shorts, trainers, and elbow & knee pads. You can buy Elbow & Knee pads from our SU page and they will be supplied by Evolution. Or you are more than welcome to bring your own!


"What are the Times, Dates, and the Venue?"

The sessions run on Tuesday evenings at 7:15 pm to 9:15 pm at Evolution Wrestling Academy (just for UoG students). Sunday sessions run from 10:30am to 12:30pm (public session).


"How much does it cost weekly?"

The current weekly training fee is £9.00.


"Can I pay in lump-sum?"

Yes, you can! There a pre-set lump-sum payment you can choose to buy for an entire semesters training or the entire year!


"Is drinking water provided at the Venue?"

You will need to bring your own water bottle as there is no drinking fountain at the venue.


"Can I do a trial session?"

Yes, you can! And you DO NOT need to pay the one-off joining fee for this! You can then choose if you would like to continue training. If you want to continue training, you will need to pay the one-off fee after the trial session.


"I only want to attend Socials and NOT take part in training... Is this possible?"

Yes, you are more than welcome to just attend socials if you do NOT want to take part in the training. However, you will be charged £1.00 per social if you are not a paid member of the society.


"Can staff join the society?"

Yes, regardless of you being a student or staff everyone is welcome to join.



Not only do we do wrestling training, we also follow it too! We have weekly social gatherings every Wednesday evening from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at either “The Phoenix” at Pitville Student Village or at “The Griffin” at FCH.

We put on a range of different wrestling-themed activities! Ranging from; Watching WWE network, playing wrestling board games, card games and wrestling video games!

We are open to suggestions on what people would like to do at socials as well. If you have an idea for a social activity, you are more than welcome to tell us and we will see what we can do!



Social Media Platforms:

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Contact Information:

If you have any further questions and require more information on what we do, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!  

E-mail us at 

Or E-mail the President: Bill Crooks:                                                                             






  • Pro-Wrestling Standard Membership£40.00


  • Pro-Wrestling Weekly Session Fee£9.50
  • Pro Wrestling Non-Member Social Fee£2.00
  • Pro-Wrestling Knee & Elbow Pads£20.00
  • Pro-Wrestling Semester 2 Block Fee (Feb-April)£114.00
  • Pro-Wrestling Semester 3 Block Fee (May - June)£66.50
Contact Us
  • 01242 714360
  • The Park, Cheltenham, GLOS, GL50 2RH
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