We are the new Pro Wrestling Society for the University of Gloucestershire!

President: Bill Crooks

Secretary: Michal Chmielowski

Treasurer: Erin Wilson

What do we do?

Our main aim is to develop our own talent from the students of the University and train up to become wrestlers!  What we will potentially start doing is learning the very basics of wrestling.

Such as;

  • Taking bumps
  • Basic grappling
  • Cardio exercises
  • Striking
  • Character development
  • Safety
  • And more!  

We will be sourcing a trainer in time. When we do, from there we shall learn more of the advanced moves and training drills.

From Rookie to Pro! It doesn’t matter if you have NO experience with professional wrestling or if you do have experience with it, the society is open to everybody!

We also follow wrestling. Meaning that we will also be watching and admiring it from different promotions. We also plan to go along to live shows in the future and put on social events for our members. From the smaller independent promotions to the big leagues, such as; ROH, New Japan, TNA and of course WWE!

Our Goal:

Our main goal is, to get enough interest and train up as many students, so we can build up our own roster of talent and hopefully, put on our own shows for the University and eventually the public!

Days of the week, times, dates and Venue:

We are planning to have weekly sessions at either OXSTALLS sports hall in Gloucester, “Pitville Studio Room” at Pitville Student Village, or at TC007 Park Campus in Cheltenham.

We plan to have 2 activities during the week. On Wednesday we will be doing a wrestling themed activity and on Sunday we plan to do the training. However, dates and times have not been confirmed yet.

(Times and dates can be changed if requested by enough attendees.)

See you there!                                                                                       #Never Give Up!

Contact Us
  • 01242 714360
  • The Park, Cheltenham, GLOS, GL50 2RH
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