Islamic Society (iSoc) is a place for Muslim students of the University of Gloucestershire across all campuses to gather and socialise.

iSoc aims to make improvements in the university to create a more Muslim-friendly atmosphere and environment, including availability of Halal food options in the refectory, and improvements in prayer facilities across all campuses. We are also a medium between Muslims and non-Muslims, students and staff and we aim to achieve a better understanding among each other through educational discussions and open dialogue. We also celebrate Islamic events throughout the year openly and invite you to join us in the most engaging manner.

iSoc is made up of a culturally diverse group of students who come from many different backgrounds. We create a supportive platform where students can express their feelings and improve their university experience. The society also looks into suitable places to socialise around Cheltenham and Gloucester and aims to participate with interfaith dialogue among external groups. In order to make this possible ISoc is open to all students in the university. Do drop us an email and let us know how we can help you.

We aim to achieve as much of the above as we can, in partnership with our Muslim Chaplain.

Thanks and may peace be upon you.


Instagram: uogislamicsociety

We also have a WhatsApp group which you can be added to once you have emailed us.



Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.


Contact Us
  • 01242 714360
  • The Park, Cheltenham, GLOS, GL50 2RH
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