Welcome to the Beginner's Directory of kendo goodness. Here you'll find links to all the resources you'll need for excelling at the start of your kendo journey. 

**I will update this throughout the year**

Mumeishi kendo club has kindly compiled this nifty beginner's guide. Inside you'll find that it covers a vast majority of topics and the best part is that it's FREE! Download it now!

Beginner's guide

Where to buy your kit

please ask Hannah if you'd like to order anything. we have shinai or bokuto at a cheaper prices ask, for everything else, go here.

Nine Circles


Kendo blogs

A blog run by Geoff Salmon, a 7th Dan sensei who updates this site regularly, I would highly recommend giving it a read.

Salmon Blog 


How to find kendo in your area

Going back home for the holidays?

UK Kendo Club Map

 Our best buds:

Cheltenham- Shudokan Kendo Club 

Tuesdays 19:30 Bournside School. 

Wales-y - Denshinkan Kendo Club
Cardiff- Akai Ryuu Kendo Club

Bristol -Bristol Kendo Club

Birminghamish: -Shozankan Kendo Club

-Nagamitsu Kendo Club


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