Club history

The University Kendo club was founded in 1994 by Ian Parker Dodd, and in that time has enjoyed considerable success and publicised the university’s name world-wide.

Ian Parker Dodd 5th Dan was deeply involved in national kendo until quite recently. He was a National Coach and National Referee and Chair of the British Kendo Association Coaching Board from 2006-2008. He was British Kendo team manager from 1994 to 1998, and in that time British teams won two team bronze medals for men and one for women in the European Kendo Championships together with fighting spirit awards for both men and women. They competed in the top division of twelve nations at the World Championships in Kyoto in 1997 being beaten by France, reigning European Champions at the time and Korea, World Silver medallists. The club appeared on ‘Midlands To-day’ programme in 1997 as part of that build up.

In 1996 he inaugurated the University Kendo Championship in the then College, and the competition has grown as has University Kendo in this country.

The University Club was voted ‘Club of the Year’ by the University Students Sports Captains in 1999 and was nominated again in 2007.Three members have won the Martin Roddy Cup for Sporting Excellence, John Richards in 1998, Sotaro Honda in 2001 and James Ogle in 2008.

In 2005 the club opened its doors to the community and a junior section was started. The club has always had a community element because of the need for experienced practitioners and coaches.

 Charlie Charlamow gained his 4th Dan, took over as Dojo leader in 2007 and the dojo name was changed to Gloster Kendo Club to reflect the wider membership. James Ogle the then club captain took part in the first 1st UK/Japan student international Gasshuku (training camp) at Fukuoka university of education in Kyushu Japan. Sotaro Honda after gaining his PhD at the University gained a lectureship there.


Historical Achievements


Sotaro Honda was the British National coach; winner of senior British individual title 1998, 1999 and 2000; captain of the winning Mumeshi Threes team 2000; captain of the winning ‘Sir Frank Bowden’ Trophy team 2002; Winner of the senior University title 1998; gained his 5th Dan and 6th Dan whilst at Gloucestershire University; the Student Union awarded him the Martin Roddy Cup for sporting excellence in 2001; awarded full university colours 2002. His National teams have won medals and fighting spirit awards at World and European Championships.

He holds a PhD degree from the university and now holds a post as Lecturer at Fukuoka University of Education in the Physical Education Department.

John Richards won the Junior University Title in 1997 and 1998 and gained the senior silver medal in 1999; he was a Junior International in 1994 at Glasgow; gained full international status at Basle in 1998; gained his 3rd Dan whilst at University; awarded the Martin Roddy Cup for sporting excellence in 1998. He teaches at the Shudokan dojo at Bournside Sport Centre on Tuesday evenings. He is now 4th Dan.

Yuichiro Kashigami was member of the Gold medal team at Mumeshi threes in 2000; won the senior British Title in 2001 and 2002; won the senior University title in 2002 and 2003; Captain of the Bronze medal winning team at the Mumeshi Threes in 2002; gained his 4th and 5th Dan whilst at University; awarded full university colours. He gained his B.Sc. at the University.

Miyuki Yuge won the women’s national individual title in 2002; member of Sir Frank Bowden gold medal team 2002; won fighting spirit at the Sir Frank Bowden 2002; won an individual bronze medal in the women’s championship at the Mumeshi Threes in 2002.

Masatoshi Shimogawa member of ‘Sir Frank Bowden’ gold medal team 2002; won the national men’s title (1st Kyu-3rd Dan section) in 2002; was a member of the Bronze medal team at the Mumeshi Threes in 2002; won the Nakakura cup in Europe in 2002 and also gained his 4th Dan

Nick Wiggan won the bronze medal and fighting spirit award in 1997 University Championships. He was a National squad member in 1999. He is now 3rd Dan.

Daniel Maunsdon Bronze medal and fighting spirit award in Mumeshi Threes international club championships in 2002

Ben Grierson Gold medal in Mumeshi Threes 2000

Ratapom Bunnag  Member of the Thailand National team at 12th World Kendo Championships in Glasgow 2003. Member of the ‘Sir Frank Bowden’ bronze medal team in 2003 and bronze medallist in the University team Championship in 2004

Kaori Miki; won the women’s individual national championship and gained the bronze medal at the Mumeshi women’s championship in 2003

Andrew Hussey won a bronze medal at the University team championship in 2004

Andy Dunn, Sam Copland and John Richards produced the DVD Kendoka;the new samurai. This follows the fortunes of the British women’s team at the 12th World Kendo Championships in Glasgow 2003.

Misato Makita won the 2005 women’s national title beating the British women’s coach in the final

James Ogle won the 2008 university Kyu grade championship and was part of the team that won the fighting spirirt award with Chris Emery and James Inwood. James Ogle was awarded the Martin Roddy cup for sporting excellence and his full university colours at the 2008 sports awards. He now works in Wales and is studying for his masters.  He has opened his own University dojo, Denshinkan and is a member of the British Team. He won the Hizen Challenge Competition in 2011 and Gold at the University Taikai in 2013.

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