Welcome to the LGBT+ Society!

Here at the LGBT+ Society, we welcome anyone to join us, regardless of how you identify. We pride ourselves on being an open and accepting society, and we have worked hard over the past years to ensure that this is a safe space for the community, and we have made it our mission to continue doing so!

This society is here for many reasons - whether it's about sharing experiences, having a safe space on your doorstep or exploring your individuality, there's a place for everyone.

Why the "+"?

We want to be as inclusive as possible. The LGBT+ community is made up of more identities than just Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender, and we wanted to make sure that we were being mindful of this. We also wanted to make sure those students that are “part of the +” know that the LGBT+ Society welcomes them and that they can feel safe being a part of the society.

What have we been up to recently?

This year we have really pushed the statement that “anyone can join us, regardless of identity” this is related to our GSA agenda from the past, which we felt (and still do) feel is a vital agenda. We strive to portray ourselves as accepting, and this approach didn’t feel accepting enough for us. As a result, we have advertised that we welcome anyone to join us and come to our social, regardless of identity, as long as you respect us and have a good time! This agenda also served another purpose, and that revolved around identity itself. Many people come out at university, as they want to start again, or feel more comfortable now they may not be living at home.

As a result, we get many people questioning or worried about coming to our socials for fear they maybe found out before they are ready, but still want to explore the community, ask questions and figure out who they are. As a result, we felt that this very broad statement was an invitation for them to do so. And by making it very public on our website and on poster at Freshers' Fayre, if they were seen as interacting with the society, they could fall back on this statement, saying they were an ally or wanted to know more about what we did.

We have also been very active in campaigning last year [2018/19], including our Can I Come Out Now event. We have felt this was an important topic for us this year, to be loud and proud and make people aware of us and our community. By putting on this event in the Regent Arcade, we are reaching out to the wider Cheltenham community, to educate them about our community and encourage them to be and Ally and help us fight for true LGBT+ equality. We also won Society Event of the Year! Click here to find out more!

What are the priorities of the Society?

Fight for equality.

One of the main things we have found this year is people assume the fight for LGBT+ equality is over now that we have Gay marriage. This is far from the truth. Our trans siblings are facing huge amounts of persecution and hatred – look at what happened at London Pride last year and TERFS on social media. We will not stand for this. 

We’re also finding that lesser known identities are facing similar discrimination, which we will not stand for either. Our goal is to, at least in our community of Cheltenham and Gloucester, fight and shout until we achieve this equality.

Committee (2019/20) 

President - Josh Holgate / Secretary - Igor Dominguez / Vice President - Lucas Frampton
Social Media Officer - Chloe Popay / Press Officer - Sam Bates / Events Officer - Quinn Baker

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If you'd like more information, whether you're a student at the university or otherwise, please contact us here

For any further support from the University, please contact the Helpzone or visit the Equality & Diversity pages.

We're a pround member of the LGBT+ Partnership!

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