Memberships are an essential part of university sports clubs and although these may seem expensive to some of you, they cover a broad array of components throughout the year.

All memberships have to be paid prior to any fixtures. 

You have until the 19th October to benefit from the #TeamGlos cards which allow you £15 off all memberships. MEMBERSHIPS WILL GO BACK UP TO FULL PRICE AFTER THIS DATE. If you don't pay for your membership by then, you will have to pay for the #TeamGlos card and your membership.

Failure to pay membership will result in you not being able to attend training sessions or be part of the club in question. First BUCS matches are on Wednesday the 12th of October. Memberships are expected to be paid by Tuesday the 11th for this first match eligibility.

Alex Burnett will inform all club captains when the membership cards are available to be picked up from the Students' Union offices.

How the #TeamGlos card works:

  • Takes £15 off all membersips until the 19th October
  • Covers you with the insurance ** Unless you have got this card you are NOT insured.

We have got the 'Platimum Elite' insurance, which gives you all a better cover should you incur and injury. Insurance detail benefits are available here.

Your Students' Union sport membership includes:

  • Training facilities and times
  • BUCS affiliation fee and entry fee to BUCS competitions (individual and team)
  • Affiliation to your National Governing Body
  • Playing kit (team dependant)
  • Referees
  • Coaching staff (if applicable)
  • Transport (mini buses / coaches / fuel)

Should you not pay your membership:

  • You will not be eligible to play in any BUCS competitions, with reference to BUCS regulation 7.1.5. BUCS REG 7.1.5 ‘Must have paid the appropriate Union or Athletic Union subscription.’
  • BUCS have the right to question any player at any time and ask to see a valid membership card. If a valid card is not presented by the player when requested, this has the potential to forfeit a match or face elimination from a competition.
  • The Students' Union has the right to put any unpaid membership case to the Sports Committee who will issue sanctions/fines against any individual who has been discovered to have played without a current membership. In addition, the club captains and team captains will also be seen as responsible for checking to ensure all players are members of the club before match/competition selection.
  • All membership money is credited into your club accounts. This funds all of the items listed above and if it is not paid, ultimately your club will have reduced funds to cover the extensive costs from the year. This could result in having to cancel fixtures due to lack of funds for transport costs.


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