Varsity Code of Conduct

When purchasing a Varsity ticket you agree to the Spectators Code of Conduct 

When playing at Varsity you agree to the Players Code of Conduct

University of Gloucestershire Sports/Societies Code of Conduct

The primary concern for the University of Gloucestershire Students’ Union will always be the welfare of students and protecting those that take part in and lead our Clubs/Societies. We recognise that all students, (including committee members and playing members) may encounter some difficult situations throughout the year, and the following guidelines have been put in place to ensure that the clubs look after the safety and wellbeing of anyone attending any activity or social with your club. Whenever you are playing for or are out with your sports Club/Society you are representing the Students’ Union and the University of Gloucestershire.

What do these guidelines cover?

These guidelines seek to clarify what is reasonable behaviour when you are participating in any activity or social event under the name of University of Gloucestershire Students’ Union.   All students are expected to also abide by the University’s Student Code of Conduct which all students agree to when they become a student at the University:

What are acceptable social activities?

Acceptable social activities include

  • Welcome evening for new members
  • Club and award dinners
  • Team meals
  • Social nights
  • Team bonding activities eg paintball, bowling etc
  • Celebrations (Birthday and Christmas meals)

What is an organised UGSU club activity or social?

If any of the following criteria apply, then an event or social is deemed as being ‘organised’ by the Club/Society:

  • Activity publicised at a Club/Society meeting.
  • Activity in any way publicised by the Club/Society.
  • Activity funded in part or in whole by the Union or through a club’s/Societies Non SU accounts.
  • Activity requiring the use of equipment owned by the Club/Society/Union.
  • Activity where group transport is booked through the Union.
  • You are wearing clothing that identifies you with University of Gloucestershire, your club or society (including fancy dress).
  • Activity publicised on social media pages (i.e. Facebook groups and twitter) and the mini site on website.
  • Any Wednesday Night social/event is classed as an organised event.

What we expect of you?

  • Do not be abusive to anyone or anything, either verbally or physically (neither are at all acceptable)
  • Do not encourage someone to drink alcohol beyond their means or force/bully someone to drink at all.
  • Do not urinate, defecate or vomit anywhere apart from in a toilet!
  • Do not take your clothes off in any public place
  • Do not damage anyone else’s property
  • Do not bring the reputation of the University of Gloucestershire, SU,  your club or society  into question or disrepute
  • Do not use any form of peer pressure
  • Do not carry out, take part in or promote ‘initiation’ ceremonies
  • Do not carry out any physical/mental abuse within circles / social events
  • Do not force consumption of any fluid/substance under any circumstances
  • Do not drink alcohol on any form of away transport (mini buses, coaches, private or student cars)
  • Do not use threatening, intimidating, violent, disorderly, prejudicial or offensive behaviour towards other members of the club or any other persons
  • No activity should take place whereby there is risk of damage to physical or psychological health to those taking part in the social event.
  • To act as an appropriate ambassador for the University, the SU and your club whilst either hosting other University clubs or when playing at away sites.
  • To act within the law, and to be aware of offending others and members of the public through anti-social behaviour.

Potential Consequences of Breaching the Sports/Societies Code of Conduct

Every time the guidelines are breached by an individual or group the Club/Society will face possible sanctions. (external authorities not withstanding i.e. the police, University of Gloucestershire). The SU has a clear disciplinary process.  The Joint Committee for Sport disciplinary meeting will deal with any complaints and each case will be dealt with on an individual basis.

The SU will punish the Club/Society and are not afraid to do so:

Potential SU Sanctions against the Club/Society:

- Club/Society fine
- Removal of privileges such as support from website/and or other support
- Removal of ability to hire out or use university facilities as a club/Society
- Cutting teams from the Club/Society
- Removal from BUCS competition
- Removal of Focus Sport status

Potential Individual Sanctions and Punishments:


 - Match Bans
 - Fine for damages
 - Ban from all Club/Society related events
 - Expulsion as a member of the Club/Society and SU

University and/or External Organisations (eg, police):

- Fine
- Community Service
- Disbandment of Club/Society
- University disciplinary procedures (which could lead to possible expulsion from University & Course)
- Arrest / Court / Criminal record

All members of the Club/Society must show respect at all times towards the groups, individuals, and property with which they come into contact with during the year (University or Non-University).

Also please remember that you are at the University primarily to leave with the best degree classification possible, and if you are joining a sports club or sports related society you should be doing this with the intention of furthering your sporting performance. Do not become a member of a sports club if your primary focus is on the social aspect of the club. Socials should complement your sporting performance not the other way around.

Any individual who refuses to sign up to this agreement will not be allowed to become a member of the sports Club/Society in question.

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