Anti-Stress Campaign 

Free Water & Snack and free activities such as- sumo suits, Guide dogs, Petting farm, adult sized ball pit, bubble wrap walk and stress balls!

Photos can be found here 

Why was this campaign chosen?

This campaign was chosen simply because the exam period can be a really stressful time. The Students’ Union want to encourage students to take time out for themselves and to look after themselves during this period, and rather than putting out a leaflet or some form of publication with ways to destress, we thought the best way to do it is to bring the de-stressing activities to the students!

Mental health and wellbeing is really important to students, and to everyone. Whether we are well or not, we all have mental health, and we are all at risk of becoming unwell if we don’t look after ourselves or if we don’t feel that we have adequate support in place. It’s really important that students look after themselves, aren’t afraid to ask for help when it is needed, and take time out for themselves when they feel like they are being snowed under

Aim of the campaign

The aim of this campaign is to help the students de stress prior to their exams and providing them water and snacks to help with energy and concentration levels, especially the 9:15am exam were students may not have had breakfast. The aim was also so that once the students had finished their exams they had fun activities to come out to help relax them.

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