Raphaella Ward, 2016/17 Students' Union President

Vicki Hatton


As President, Vicki leads the Elected Officer team and the Students' Union as a whole and acts as the key link to the University's Vice-Chancellor, Pro Vice-Chancellors, Council, as well as the NUS and other key stakeholders.

Manifesto Points

Hi! My name's Vicki Hatton!

I have been at this University for 4 years studying Marketing Management and Branding and was this year elected to be your SU President. Whilst being at university the Students' Union has been a big part of my experience having been part of a society, sports team, sports committee and subject rep. My time here has been the best 4 years and I hope in my term as President I can make your experiences the best they can be.

I hope to do this by…

Improving the student experience 

As your SU President I want to improve your student experience through day to day occurrences. For example, you use the refectory on a daily basis. I want to make this experience the best it can be with affordable pricing and more variety, especially for those with intolerances. Another point would be the 94U bus has a yearly increase and I want to work with Stage Coach and the University to try and make it that this service is the same price as the previous year. As well as this I look forward to putting on amazing events throughout the year to make this University a fun safe place for all.

Increase out of hours support

Throughout my time at university I have been in the situation where it is 9 o’clock at night and something goes wrong with very little support out there to help. What I want to work on this year alongside the IT department and Library Services is to come up with a solution to help those students who need it regardless to what the time is. This could be in the form of a FAQ page or an emergency email address in which you fill out a form and if you fit the criteria you will be supported. 

Represent the students

The role of President has a key aspect of representing the students at various meetings so I want to make sure I am telling the University the thoughts of the students here. This will be through various channels such as social media and actually going out and collecting feedback myself by talking to you all.

What Liam Is Working On

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