Madi Azizi, 2018/19 Students' Union President

Imaani Mitchell


As President, Imaani leads the Elected Officer team and the Students' Union as a whole and acts as the key link to the University's Vice-Chancellor, Pro Vice-Chancellors, Council, as well as the NUS and other key stakeholders.

Manifesto Points

  • Work with the Welfare Officer on a 'Who's Looking After Our Men?' campaign, to raise awareness and provide support for those struggling with their mental health, general health and those that are victims of sexual assault. 
  • Run campus meetings once a month for students to come along and share any problems they are having, in order for students to get their opinions across in a more accessible way. 
  • Continue liaising with Stagecoach Travel to try and get a termly bus pass, in order to reduce costs and cater to students whose timetables differ termly.
  • Negotiate with Baxterstorey for cheaper prices and consistency of food selection amongst all campuses, ensuring that students pay for what they want. 
  • Let students vote for what type of end of year event they want, and give students full involvement in the planning.

Monthly Updates 


  • Had a great first month getting to know the amazing staff within the SU and receiving some training at the university of Exeter.
  • Started preparing for Freshers, making sure there will be a variety of events that are inclusive for everyone.
  • Met with the university to discuss bus fare and car parkign prices and how this can affect the student experience.
  • Met with Baxterstorey (who run refectories and  campus bars (except park)) to discuss the upcoming year and what students expect.


  • Continued Freshers Prep and started booking in events! 
  • Met with Swindon & Gloucestershire Mind to discuss support for students and how they could help with the Men's health campaign.
  • Met with the sustainability to team to see how the university and the SU could work together.
  • Had our first 'Keeping in touch' meeting with the University Executive team - this is one of the ways we take all your student issues to the university.
  • Assisted with setting the SU Operational plan, to ensure direction with how we can improve your student experience.
  • Attended the monthly catering update meeting, to share your views on catering at UOG.

  • Finished preparing for Fresher's Fortnight and ran all the events succesfully with a range of drinking and non-drinking events.
  • Started planning campaigns for the year including the men's health campaign ran jointly with George, Sports Officer.
  • Continued conversations with the university around bus fares and car parking prices.
  • Assisted the recruitment of a new CEO for the Student's Unio, who will be starting in December.
  • Was introduced to to University council, which I am a member of which phoebe, Education Officer.
  • Supported the Student Voice team with the Experience Officer elections, these were very successful and we can a great team of EO's due to start soon!
  • Met with the Your Future Plan team to give feedback on the employability awards and how they may not appeal to all groups of students.
  • Attending Student complaints panels and Academic Appeals groups where I can provide the student view.
  • Supported the Student Voice team with 'Speak week' where we give you doughnuts for your feedback.
  • Attended the University's Fair Access Committee, where we discussed how to ensure there should be no barriers to education for any students and what changes, if any, needed to be made.
  • Ran the men's health campaign 'Break the Stigma' - giving out information packs to nearly 100 Students and opening up a conversation around men's health.
  • Ran the 'Spill the tea' Campaign, where I spent an hour at each campus talking to students about what issues they are currently facing.
  • Helped with the annual SU Tea Dance, where we invite older members of the local community to come and dance, share stories and have a mince pie (or two).
  • Joined the Staff/Student BME network, where we discuss issues that face the BME community at UOG and what actions we can take.
  • Held our monthly Executive Committee meeting, where all the Experience Officers come together to bring any issues the groups they represent may be facing.
  • Attended the University's Academic Board with Phoebe, Education Officer, where we share the student view on any potential changes to Academic policies etc.


  • Started planning for the University's 'Value for money' seminar, we decided to gain student views through a survey, a video and through SIMON data.
  • Caught up with the Your Future Plan team with their plans for the YFP festival.
  • Held drop in sessions for anybody interested in becoming a Full Time Officer for the next academic year.
  • Attended the University's 'Value for money' workshop and presented all the information we had gathered from students to ensure an action plan was in place.
  • Supported the SU New Years Fayre, to welcome students that started in January.
  • Attended the monthly catering meetings to share student views (have attended these every month).
  • Attended the University's Equality and Diversity Workshop, where we shared some useful insight on Equality and Diversiy from a student point of view.
  • Attended an induction planning meeting with the university, to look at last years and see what improvements could be made for September 2020.
  • Ran in the Full Time Officer Elections for the role of Education Officer 2020/21 - I was successful! I can't wait to continue working on behalf of you all and continue campaigning on student issues!
  • Supported University Mental Health Day at FCH Campus with Gemma, Welfare Officer. 
  • Started Planning Destressival, which is a month long event where we put on destressing activities for students during May.
  • Supported George, Sports Officer at the BUCS conference cup finals day, it was great to be able to give medals to students and to celebrate sporting achievements.
  • Supporting the start of Awards Planning for the Gnomies, Sports Awards and the Student Led Staff Awards.
  • Started Working from home due to Covid-19 and continued supporting students through this difficult time.
Working from home:
  • Attending regular virtual meetings with the University to discuss the impact Covid-19 will have on students and to ensure all student groups are represented.
  • Assisting with the planning of the virtual awards! 
  • Meeting with Students to discuss how we can continue campaigning for other student issues.
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