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Welcome to the all NEW look to UoG Bars!

Your years at university are strong contenders to be the best years in your life!
To make sure this becomes a reality, students need that space to relax from time to time -
a space to socialise, a space for entertainment, grab a bite and something to slurp... you see where this is going?
UoG Bars are all available right on campus, and can give you all of this!


The new range is landing!

Whether you're one for a pint, a VK or mocktail, we've got a whole load of new drinks landing on the 2018/19.

Our drinks are all served very much at a student-friendly price!

 Draughts - While Carlsberg & Somersby remain a strong feature of the bar, we're bringing new   refreshing  ones for September, such as Hop House 13, Coors Light, San Miguel, Rekorderlig &   Gloucester Brewery, plus more to be found!

Spirits - Pink Gin. Need we say anymore? Okay, we also have Vodka, Archers, Whiskey and more   available! As well as this, we've got all new Corky's - some even have glitter!

Bottles - Alcopops (yes, it's VK), Hooch & Desperados are all just some of the bottled range we'll have on offer!

Cocktails - We're making this year a bit fancy, with our very own Cocktail Night every Friday on each campus! We're also bringing a new cocktail menu, it's all quite top secret, but for peace of mind, the Kermit lives on!

Mocktails - Let's keep the spirits away, and serve up some colourful, non-alcoholic options! These are also available on the cocktail night!

Soft Drinks We have many soft drinks options, including Pepsi, Lemonade and Orange Juice available.

More than just the bevs!

Somewhere down the line, we thought it'd be a good idea to serve up food in the campus bars. Call us crazy, because we then did just that!

And we still are, with a new menu for a new year! All will be confirmed soon, but meanwhile, here's a sneak peek of what to expect!

Nachos - Make your meal a bit mexican, topped with salsa, sour cream, jalepenos & mozzarella.

Wedges - Topped with cheese, simples.

Pizzas A whole range of your staple pizzas!

These are all available at the specified times on our bar menus, and price just as good as the taste!

More than pulling pints!

We do much more in the student bars than serve up food and drink, with a whole range of events and activities taking place on a weekly basis!

From Pub Quizzes to Karaoke, and even Musical Bingo, there's a lil something for everyone to get involved in! Plus we know what FOMO feels like, so have made sure there is opportunity to split these events across different days, different bars.

If there's anything that you want to do in the bar, let's get it going - book into a student bar of your choice! We can support the running of your event where we can!

      All our bars are open at least 5 days a week and would love to have you along!
However, if you wish to contact them in advance or find out more information then please do contact them using the details below!

The Stag

Ground Floor, Monk Building, Park Campus, GL50 2RH

Information - Book This Bar

The Griffin

1st Floor, HC Building,
FCH Campus, GL50 4AZ

Information - Book This Bar


The Ox

Jonathan Porritt Building,
Oxstalls Campus, GL2 9HW

Information - Book This Bar

The Phoenix

1st Floor, Laurie Lee Blg, Pittville Student Village, GL52 3JG

Information - Book This Bar


 Further contact details:

Facebook - UoG Food & Bars
Twitter - @UoGBars
Instagram - @UoGFoodBars

The campus bars are operated by BaxterStorey. These pages are set up in the interests of engaging students to use the catering and bar facilities on UoG campuses.


Contact Us
  • 01242 714360
  • The Park, Cheltenham, GLOS, GL50 2RH
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