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About Varsity 2018

Varsity is the biggest sporting event of the year and sees the University of Gloucestershire take on the University of Worcester in a range of sporting events.

This year sees new sports Athletics, Rock Climbing and Table Tennis enter the Varsity series.



Fast, physical, athletic, friendly, loyal, these are just a few of the words you could use to describe the Gladiators (Also known as the Glads). For the past 3 seasons the Glads have finished with a winning record, and an overall record of 16 wins and 7 losses, they have made the playoffs 3 times in the past 5 years and also got to the Semi-finals last year. This is an astonishing accomplishment considering the size of the team, but what they lack in numbers they make up for in heart. They strive to be the best at what they do and play with a real desire and passion for the sport they love. When you play the Gladiators, you know you’ve been in a game.

Always outnumbered, never outgunned


We're proud to say that after years of looking from the outside in, we have our chance. We will finally be taking part in Varsity and we will win! The chance to finish the year by leaving a legacy of the first winners of an Athletics Varsity is the biggest opportunity that we as a club have been given. The buzz of Varsity gives us the opportunity of a sport which is historically seen as individualist sport, to bring people together and become a team, a unit, and a family. But we need you! The members of the #teamglos community to come out to the Prince of Wales stadium and support us, cheer us on and most importantly watch us win that point! #RatherBeACheese


Badminton are a small rooted club within the #teamglos family which has continued to grow each year. Within the club, there are two men’s teams, and a ladies which compete in the BUCs leagues, and then we have our recreational player’s as well. This year has been very successful for the club, the ladies team have managed to retain their position in Western 1A after promotion last year, finishing 3rd in the table. The men’s 2nds have also done very well and retained their position in Western 3A finishing 5th in the table. Men’s 1st have had yet again another undefeatable year, after promotion last year they have managed a back to back promotion this year into Western 1A. Along with this success they had an extremely tight final against Bournemouth 1st in the Conference Cup. They drew 4-4 but unfortunately lost by just 4 points overall. However, onwards and upwards in preparation for Varsity which will be the last match for the men’s 1st and ladies who hope that this year they are able to take the win from Worcester!! Good luck to the rest of #teamglos!!


We are the UOG RAIDERS, men's basketball team at the University of Gloucestershire. The club is comprised of one 20-man squad, training 3 times a week, ranging from experienced players, to guys just starting with the mentality to improve. The team competes within the Western 2A BUCS league as well as the local Gloucestershire Basketball League, playing team as close as Gloucester and Cheltenham, to teams as far down as Southampton and Plymouth. With the RAIDERS being a mix of players and social members, the club prides itself in being tough on the court, as well as fun off of the court, creating a community environment for everyone in the RAIDERS FAMILY. New branding for the club this year has not only changed the club's physical image but evoked a fresh club focus on continual development over the coming years, as the club aims to grow in its awareness, size and level of competition. #UOGRAIDERS


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This year the University of Gloucestershire are competing Large All Girl Level 2, and we are so excited! Our Club Captain has packed the routine with elite skills and sassy choreography! We are ready to max out the score sheets! The team has been working so hard for the win this year, from the early morning strength and conditioning classes to the late night training practises! We can’t wait to show everyone what we can do and bring that point back for the University!!! #OurTeamIsWHAT!! #BleedBlue


The climbing society is excited to take on Worcester for the first time! We a social group of people who climb for fun, fitness and to take a break away from the stress of university. Although many of us have never competed, we are always looking to push each other forward. With climbing in the next Olympics we are looking to this side of the sport moving forward


The University of Gloucestershire Cricket Club provides members with a great social aspect of university combined with very competitive sport. With 2 outdoor summer teams and 2 indoor winter teams we train all year round. We have a fantastic relationship with local club Cheltenham Cricket Club who provide us with amazing facilities and allow us to utilise these as much as we can. 

This year we achieved a record win at Indoor BUCS as well as entering a 2nd team. There has been a lot of new faces this year which has helped provide extra energy and enthusiasm for the club, making training and selection forever competitive. As we progress towards the outdoor season we aim to utilise our links with local school, colleges and teams to provide our members with as much cricket as possible and prepare ourselves for the outside BUCS season.  This year’s varsity squad has even more depth in than last years as we hope to emulate and build on the success we had on and off the pitch last season.


Dance are a growing team and getting stronger every year. This year we came away from Cardiff competition with 4 awards including 1st in contemporary! Unfortunately we could not compete in our second competition due to the bad weather cancelling the veent but this has only made us more excited and determined for varsity this year!! We cannot wait to get into that arena and perform with everything we’ve got, to fight for that varsity win!


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We are a club that has grown significantly over the past few years, both in membership size and our successes. We have a strong focus on inclusion and making sure everybody has the chance to give it a go, with 4 teams of varying abilities who have been successfully compete regularly throughout the year, with some fantastic results including a team win for our 1st team, and one of our members qualifying for the BUCS regional competition this year. Our competitions include a dressage test and a round of show jumps on an unfamiliar horse and are unlike any competitions we experience outside of BUCS, but it’s all part of the fun!


Here at UOG, Men's Football have 3 teams competing in the BUCS leagues. Each team has an F.A qualified coach with the first team being coached by former Club Captain Jack Costerton and former England CP captain and Paralympian Jack Rutter. This season has been a mixed one for all 3 teams with some highs and lows however the lads are raring to continue their Varsity form after a win on penalties against Worcester last year. This year’s Varsity will be held at Evesham United F.C on the 19th April following the UOGWF girls. Get behind the lads and get your ticket now! #TeamGlos #Bestlookingclub #Whappeeees 


UoG Women’s football will be heading into varsity on the back of what has been a year of transition for our two teams. After losing last year’s show piece on penalties, the club vowed to work and improve to come back stronger as the aim to regain the bragging rights over Worcester was instantly set out. Since, the club have been striving tirelessly both on and off the pitch to reach the level of confidence and team spirit required to bounce back. From committing to training and showing our support on match days to holding a photoshoot to promote mental health awareness, we are prepared in our attempts to defeat Worcester in front of waves of Blue & Blue.


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The Futsal club is a small, close-knit and little-known club which was reformed in 2016/17. The first year under the partnership of Pete Vallance and Josh Kane culminated in UoG’s first point in last year’s Varsity, beating Worcester Futsal 9-3 in the final match of the first day. Injuries to key players have disrupted preparations for this year, but the boys remain confident of winning once again this year.


Ahoy from everyone at UOG Golf.

The University of Gloucestershire Golf Club is made up of a mixed team of both Males and Females competing in the British Universities & Colleges (BUCS) League. As one of the smaller teams at the university we are a close knit society.

We’ve certainly been training hard in preparation for this year’s varsity contest, with the effects of alcohol as a relaxant - we have chosen this method as our way of steadying the ship in these rough waters. We tend to train four times a week in this manner, the whole team is united in this voyage. We certainly believe it to be a sure-fire method in the all-important quest for that varsity point.

Bottoms up,

UOG Golf.


UOGWH accommodates for all levels of skill, whether you have been playing all your life, or never touched a hockey stick. We currently have 55 members of our club and 2 teams which are competing in BUCS. Our hockey girls are a family both on and off the pitch, after a win or defeat on a match day, when socialising on a Wednesday night in fancy dress (which are hard to forget) and when fundraising for our chosen charities. At UOGWH we have had a great few years, we are reigning Varsity champions beating our local rivals Worcester, which we really hope to maintain this year!


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We at Men’s Hockey have experienced one of our most successful seasons in our clubs long history! Winning both our league title and the cup doing both while going undefeated!

Winning the league with two games to spare emphasises just how strong our team has been this season. With the whole squad working exceptionally hard all season we were able to maintain a 100% record through the whole league campaign. Once the league had been secured our main focus turned to our cup success! Having battled hard throughout the quarter and semi-finals, every single member of the team gave their all in the final and we came out victorious! Securing our league and cup double without having lost a game.

Now our sights are tightly locked on to securing a varsity win! Men’s hockey have not lost a varsity game in 15 years and we definitely don’t plan on starting now!


There are over 50 members and 5 competitive teams within the University of Gloucestershire Netball club that compete in the British Universities and Colleges Sport league. All members train and play every week and The 1st team have finished top of their league and looking for promotion, 2nd team are yet to win a game but narrowly missing out on wins, 3rd team are sitting middle of their league, the 4th team have finished 3rd and the 5th team have finished 2nd in their league. All the girls, support one another through the wins and the losses and get loud and proud every Wednesday. Although Varsity is for a squad of 12, every single member of UoG Netball club looks forward to the biggest clash of the year. Pre-varsity is a chance for our 2/3/4/5 teams to play against the Worcester teams in the warm up games for Worcester Wednesday. Gloucestershire have not won Netball varsity since 2012 and this year, it’s time for a change. #Varsity2018


The start of the 2017-18 academic year was a tough one. After losing a number of experienced rowers within the club, we were unsure of what this new year would bring us. However, we were certain that it would be a good one. And we were right. Following several outstanding performances on and off the water, our crews have turned their attention to our very own Boat Race. They are hoping to emulate the performances of this season to make it our most successful varsity to date!


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After facing a challenging year in the Premier South BUCS league, UOGWRFC are back and raring to go. With most of their experience being in the pack, they will be looking for a physical game against Worcester. Since Mark French's takeover as Varsity Coach the girls have continued to grow from strength to strength. Looking out Worcester, we're coming keep the Varsity cup.


UGRFC is one of the biggest clubs that represent UoG with upwards of 90 members turning out on Wednesdays to pull on the blue & blue shirt. With three teams competing in the BUCS leagues and a social side we have rugby for everybody, no matter the skill level or experience. The 1st team compete in Western 1A, the fourth tier of the university BUCS leagues and have been in camp building towards Varsity for the past 6 weeks. As a club, Varsity is a special time of the year that everybody relishes and we cannot wait to run out on the 25th April against, Worcester University at Sixways Stadium.


Sitting 9th in the UK for Swimming in the 17/18 season, the university of Gloucestershire swimming team is no stranger to success. With club records being smashed at both the long and short course BUCS competitions and a total medal haul for the year of x, the squad are pumped for Varsity. Out of competition season, UOG swimming is centred on inclusion and its members with 6 training sessions a week aiming to improve and encourage a wide range of skill levels to succeed and develop their swimming ability. With strong coaching links with Gloucester City swimming club, many university students have developed their technique and increased their performance dramatically. Looking towards the competition, everyone in the squad will give their all to ensure the varsity point remains in Gloucester for the third year running.


Our table tennis team at the University of Gloucestershire is more of a family or group of mates than a team. Our training sessions are a mixture of social and serious to appeal to everyone. We pride ourselves on fun, improvement and inclusivity... winning is just a bonus! We welcome new members of any ability, some of our BUCS team players started the club with no experience and now they are winning matches in the league! We all come from different university courses, from sport to game design to business marketing. This makes our sessions and socials interesting, unique and there is never a dull moment! We only entered BUCS for the first time 2 years ago and have done better than we could have imagined! With up to 4 practice sessions a week at different campuses, there is a chance for everyone to give it a go! It’s a great sport and it’s one of the fastest sports around (if you play it right!).


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The UOG Tennis club is a mixed club with 3 teams competing in BUCS as well as offering opportunities for recreational players. In recent years the ladies team has been most successful with an undefeated title winning season in 16/17. Currently only the men’s team compete in varsity however the ladies hope to be able to compete in the future. The club plays its home games at Oxstalls Sports Park on the indoor courts, and will be looking to retain its varsity title, regained there in 2017. UOG Tennis is active in the wider community helping the running of events such as the Gloucestershire Special Olympics and fundraising. The clubs current sponsor is Yates Cheltenham, where social activities are held.


Trampolining hold their Varsity match against Worcester Trampolining team which in previous years has been held at The University of Gloucestershire. Each university has to match each other’s competitors, which means there is someone to compete against at each level of ability. There are 6 levels which competitors are able to choose their routines from, the lowest being level 6 and the highest being level 1. The atmosphere at Trampolining’s Varsity competition is a supportive and friendly one, we encourage other university sports teams to come along and watch to create a great atmosphere. The past seven years Varsity has been held on home ground and has seen us win every time. The pressure is on for Trampolining Varsity 2018!


Building upon our Successes’ last year, our team may have shrunk in size but has grown in heart. Our time together on and off the court brings us together as a unit. Supporting each other and working towards the same goals is key to our achievements. Individually we work hard to challenge one another into becoming the best version of ourselves, regardless of what the scoreboard says. That’s the mentality we will take forward to our varsity match. For many of the players this will be their final time wearing the UoG kit. We aim to give it our all and leave everything on the court until the last point drops.


Our team is a family! Our first and second team captains treat their teams as a family and make sure that everyone is given the same opportunities and puts up a good fight for themselves, the team mates and the rest of the club. As a club, we work to motivate each other and help to develop that passion for the sports by pushing each other to be the best they can be. Our team like all teams have had their problems but work to build those friendships and priorities that over winning or losing games. Our committee work us hard and do a lot behind the scenes and as a team this has helped us raise money for charities and have a lot of fun along the road to varsity.


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